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Future Designer Challenges

I've been trying some different things in this forum, and I'm still not sure what kinds of challenges are the best? So what would you like to see here?

I love all the challenges you have done so far, even though I haven't been able to join them all. I would like an alpha and/or Wordart challenge, since I really struggle with that. Maybe you could give us a few quotes to choose from?

For me, the minikits and the designerlift challenges were the most fun and the create a paper or element a day had the highest learning curve. For the 'make this element' kind of challenge it would be very helpful if you could share how you create that element... Sometimes I just don't have a clue how to start...

I think the challenges you'd done are great too. Maybe a month with a template pack challenge, word art, alpha, and the mini kits!!! THanks

I really love the mini kit challenge! This is awesome!

I'm with Saskia, I love the mini kit challenge, more freebies for my fans! smiley

I'm with the 2 above....love mini kits!

Mini kit challenges are great for practice and they're so much fun. I also agree with Melouise. I would enjoy the element a day challenges too.

I enjoyed the mini kit as well. But it was my first anything, so I don't really have much to compare it to...lol! Personally, I like specifics - like items, colors, themes, etc. Otherwise I tend to get carried away. smiley

I enjoyed the mini kit challenge as well, it's super to do.. smiley

I guess what I'm interested in is how should a mini kit challenge differ from the blog train? Obviously with the blog train everyone works with the same palette and theme. So for these challenges I like to make them different....

@Marisa: Another difference is that you give us instructions in how many elements & papers we have to use, in the blog train we choose that, and of course like you mention, about the color palette and theme ^_^

Also the mini kit challenge we are welcome to post as soon as we are done. I liked the idea of you deciding how many papers elements and such. Also that we had to stick to the amount of elements.

So on the blog train the palette and theme is common but we can contribute any type of item we choose.
On the mini-kit challenge, just the opposite. Seems like enough difference to me, especially if you always vary the specific items in the mini kit. One other variation would be to specify a technique to use in the mini kit, i.e. stamping, blending, embossing.

I like that idea Harriett. I was just looking at some of the past challenges and like the ones that involve a specific or advanced technique.

Melouise, that's an excellent idea!! I often don't have a clue where to start and just kind of bungle around until I stumble onto something I like. LOL Also, there aren't tutorials for many of the things I'd like to do - or at least not for PaintShop Pro. Plenty for Photo Shop or PSE but I don't have those. It's really frustrating to find a tutorial then discover it's not one I can use or adapt. Maybe the "how to" could be general and not PS or PSE specific.

I agree - the mini kit challenges are a lot of fun and I do tend to get carried away when I start creating. The specifics are great to keep me focused and restrained! I do like choosing my own palette and theme, though. Or a mini as an add-on to a larger kit?

I think an alpha challenge might be interesting. Even though I don't use them much, I do like to have them on hand in case I do...and it would be good practice!

What about an overlay challenge?

@Linda: Oh I love your idea of the alpha and overlay challenge smiley

I will like to suggest the following:

-Cluster challenge
-Word Art challenge
-Journal Cards challenge

Good ideas! This was the first time I entered in the mini kit challenge but it became huge for me. I am not very good in restrictions because when I am designing the ideas blow in and I just have to try. So I never know how big or small my kit is going to be.

I like what Harriet wrote. I would like to learn more about making gold/silver/metallic.
And it would be nice to learn more about making layers with a texture. Like how to make a grunge effect or velvet. Many would like to know how to do that. But I think that I am now more speaking in making tutorial parts here....and share.

And I think it doesn't matter what the challenge is about, by creating you learn. I often stumble over things that I didn't knew and then I discover a new technique.

Great points Nadia!

Thanks for all the ideas ladies!

@Linda: I agree about the tutorials. I use PaintShop Pro too and it's definitely difficult to follow along when I don't have the same settings.

I also like Jiovanna's challenge suggestions. I need more practice on clustering for sure.

Nadia, I agree - I would love to learn more about how to make gold/silver/metallic and how to create some of the interesting textures and/or effects that I can use with PSP.

Harriett's suggestion for using some kind of technique or effect in the challenges is a great idea too!

I personally love the mini kit challenges with Marisa's specific instructions because it forces me to stop at a mini!! I tend to get carried away too. And, it's more challenging to limit yourself to the instructions as to how many, but having the flexibility to decide which elements or shapes to create.

Marisa, you're doing a great job with the challenges you choose.

I love the mini-kits and missed ALL of them so I wouldn't be upset if there were some more. I agree with Linda that the guidelines would help me stay in focus.

The flower challenge was neat-I missed it too. I really need to get out more! I'd love to have that again, or it could be part of a mini.

The template challenge is another one I missed until today so I'd be up for that.

I'd love to see a cluster challenge - it's something I struggle with!

hi here are my suggs
1,cluster frames
2,mini kits
4,element a day
5,frame a day
more items that would help us create new items thanks for reading my ideas

hi sorry left out element templetes

I'd like a more beginner based challenge. I love everything I find on the site, but there are times when I wish I could create that perfect paper, or element. Something simple ( as in we could learn to do it from tuts or YouTube) - open to beginner designers- best plaid paper, 5 overlays, etc. I think it would encourage more users to come contributers, by encouraging them to get out of their comfort zone a bit.

@Erin: Great idea!

I would love to see something along the lines of sports themes, ie..little league, school sports. Maybe minis or elements and or papers?
I think a lot of us have children who have played or are playing some kind of sports. I have three boys who have all played different sports throughout their childhood. The sports nowadays range from field hockey (now big in the southern states) to swimming. I even have some old photos of myself playing different sports when I was younger. I have run across some kits about sports, but not as many as I would like and the variety is limited.
It's just a thought.

I've really enjoyed the mini kit challenges where there is just a set of things you need to have in the kit. I also loved the monochromatic one! That was fantastic.
I really like @Andene's ideas where there could be themes, like sports, nature, butterflies.... Whatever.
I get so much out of the challenges! I have learnt a lot and the challenges make me use tutorials to learn how to create totally original content as well.
I haven't found any other scrap booking communities that do this!

I guess I liked better the designer challenges when they were oriented to create only one thing a day (like paper a day/element a day stravaganzas) or a week (like "this week challenge is make a repeated patterned paper from scratch" or the one we had long time ago (in a galaxy far away when I didn´t knew how to look for jaggies, lol) where we created something that could be used with one of your kits...