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I'm not a designer, so I don't upload. As a downloader, however, I don't like Mediafire. I use my Surface to do a lot of browsing and downloading, and Mediafire + Surface = MUCH FRUSTRATION! I was having to 'Repair my download' many, many, many times, and would never get anywhere. It was a little better on my desktop PC with Internet Explorer, but I have since downloaded Google Chrome, and it seems to work better with that.

I already know I'm staying far away from 4Shared when I get to the point of sharing files lol. I've been trying in vain to download a file from someone here, but it's a no go. I've tried on three different browsers and it's very frustrating to not be able to download anything. She tried helping me, but we're getting different things according to the screenshots she tried to help me with (which I very much appreciated).

The only option I get is to download signing into Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Instagram, which I don't want to do. I've disabled popup blockers and when trying to hit what I thought was the DL button, got a hard to get rid of malware bug on my computer. If anyone knows how a work around to get the file, I'd appreciate it.

I've got Dropbox and I think when the time comes, I'll use it to share files.

I must be lucky... I'm always surprised at the trouble people have with 4 shared downloading. I have a free account and I'm allowed to download up to 3GB a day and 30 GB monthly... although I never hardly meet that... as I've quit downloading as much, but it always comes up for me. I click download on the first page, the download on the second and wait the 20 seconds required for the free download and whola save it to my PC and it usually downloads TONS faster than many other places do like dropbox or mediafire. Those I struggle with if it's not a direct link that starts up automatically.

You are a lucky one!! lol

I just tried with Internet Explorer and did get an option to download what looked to be the right file name, but it was an executable file - the same one that ended up putting malware on my computer. I also did get two choices this time of downloading the 4Shared downloader (?) so I wouldn't have to wait and the 20 second option. But the downloader gave me the .exe file (the aforementioned malware), and the 20 second gave me the "sign in with social media" choices.

So, I've tried with IE, Firefox (regular and Waterfall), Safari, and Chrome. I don't have a 4Shared account and that might make the difference, who knows. But, I don't want to have to get an account just to get files, and especially because I've had such trouble with them not only this time, but in the past when 4Shared was a new thing! lol

Oh well, I tried. (and tried, and tried!) lol


@Lisa: I have had my "free" account for about 4-5 years so maybe I'm grandfathered in somehow. I've only downloaded though from the generous designers. I have never actually uploaded to share anything. I'm sorry that it can't be figured out for you. I don't like logging into those types of things with my FB page makes me too nervous, so that is why I created it with just my email and a pw directly at their site. I'm sure it is frustrating for you. Wish I knew how to help. smiley

I agree with Marisa about 4shared. I don't even bother going to those...4shared makes you sign in as a member before you can download...I hate anything that makes you have to register first. In my mind, free should be not only monetarily free but hassle free too. smiley I'm probably the only one left in the world that doesn't have a Facebook page/account but I refuse to join the social media so I miss out on a lot of freebies because of it.

Here are a few other services to try (they each have both free and paid accounts available with different limitations):

Shawna - I tried some other freebie sites and am having the same difficulties with 4Shared. In fact, one asked her followers to let her know if they were having trouble as she'd had a few people reporting difficulties. So, I know it ain't just me lol.

Rose - I agree about places making you register. And I figure if you have to get a download through a media site, there's some kind of linkage going on somewhere behind the scenes!!

When I started a blog to share my "freebies" I found that Mediafire has worked quite well. I do not like pop ups and ads and I like for people to be able to download directly. I found that getting a "personal" account and paying only $18 a year I get 85 GB of space and in over a year have not even used 5 GB of space. I like to leave my freebies up so that even if a person goes back to the beginning of my blog they can get the freebies. It is a small price to pay to be able to give direct downloads and not have any pop ups. I now try to say "Direct Download" as some people are afraid of Media. I don't like things like 4Shared because I hate having to wait for 20 seconds just to be able to download something! Especially when downloading a blog train!

Now, Mediafire I haven't had any problems with, thank goodness! BUT ... I googled and did find a workaround to downloading files from 4shared. I tried and lo and behold, I was able to download from there and another place. I'll post a main thread to share what I found.

I must be the lucky one ... my blog is on a private server so I can upload as much as I want and store it so everything is right with my blog ..... Media fire drives me crazy with that extra popup ad and last September they had a huge virus problem but seem to have cleared it up. I also have a free 4shared account and put in one zipped file just to keep them happy and I've never had an issue with them ... yet, anyway smiley

Lisa glad you found a resolution to the problem!