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J-me-: Thanks, I'm glad you like it! smiley

I love the colors. Will get started on my kit soon.

Nadia, gorgeous kit!! You are fast. Wouldn't mind if you did add more. smiley

I loved the colors and the theme I just had to get started, so many variations could be made that I decided to do more than one, so here is my Part 1

Wow, Nice Colors, Love them!

@ Laurrie: that is gorgeous!! So romantic and dreamy!!

I'm definitely going to have to do this one. My wedding was based around lilacs and purple hydrangea flowers, so this is perfect for my use, too. smiley

Thank you Nadia, this collection is going to be soo much fun, I have already nearly finished the second more rustic part as well as a couple of paper packs, I know for a "normal" blog train, we don't put a ton in each kit, but this one is special and I love the color palette that I just want to create more for this one smiley

Oh my, the portions that are already ready are AWESOME! We will gona rock!

@Brandi: Glad you´re gonna put all those fantastic goods in use smiley

OK here is what I have so far. There might be more Items added to it. smiley

I was wondering if I can participate in this blogtrain... I'm still newbie, but I'm learning... here's my preview

it will be on my blog, Dea's designs, on time

I've been really busy today, getting done as much as I can, now that I'm inspired smiley
Because February is a busy month for me smiley Here is my contribution for the blog train!
"Country Wedding"
★ ★ ★

★ ★ ★
Jiovanna's Creations

I'm loving everyone's portions already so far!!! Can't wait to see them all and snatch 'em up. smiley Thanks Ladies!!! Y'all are AWESOME!!!

beautiful kit Samantha, luv the frame

Thanks @Annu... glad to hear you like it!!! smiley

Part 2 woo hoo, this was so much fun I nearly didn't want to stop!

and finally Part 3, All will be available on my blog by March 1st smiley

@ Laurrie: WOW, you did your best!! Beautiful kits, I like the idea of that blue scarf paper.

WOW! Laurie, your parts are fabulous! Can't wait to get my hands on them!!

Now that I see everyone else's I'm thinking I've gone too far in another direction. Oh well. I might do something else but here's the kit I've made

@ Jeanet While I think all of the contributions are beautiful so far, I really like what you've done. This is the exact direction I am trying to get to but I haven't gotten that far yet. Your horseshoe is perfect and I love the whitewashed letters and frame.

@Jeanet: I like it too!! Very pretty, I think it really goes well with all the other contributions that we have so far.

Thank you ladies, I enjoyed putting mine together!

Jeanet: I really like what you've done a lot. I personally can really tell you looked through my pinterest board I made just from the elements you made. I love it all but especially like these embellies: Love, the mr&mrs, and the XOXO!

@Lauurie: I love both of your sets too. especially the two styles of the horseshoe and the wagon wheel... and the dainty purple second kit. WOW

TYSVM ladies for all your AWESOME contributions!!! I can't believe all that you are all doing for this for us... I can hardly contain myself with all the excitement oozing out just to start collecting the March train. LoL

Oh my gosh, you ladies are doing such an awesome job! Laurrie - I can't thank you enough - your stuff is awesome (just like I knew it would be smiley). And Jeanet - I think your stuff is great & on the right track. I love the country-rustic vibe that you have going on there - don't knock yourself down! smiley

@shawna - I certainly did use your pinterest board. I figured it was things like that you wanted to have so it made it a bit easier to get started on.

And thank you everyone for your kind words

Getting really excited for this! Everything looks tremendous!

Oh ladies, everything is looking good smiley

Here is my second volume...

Love the palette and theme for this one.