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Hello Marisa,

I am French and I do not speak English well, excuse me.

I love your creation and I know this is a lot of work, because I am graphic designer. That's why, I have made ​​a donation before the new site (June 16). This will be count for the points or not?

Thank you ! I'm a fan of your site and on facebook too!


Hi Veronique! Thanks for your note. All donations I received at the old site were very much appreciated and went towards helping with costs for that site. Unfortunately, there won't be any crossover between the two since we just aren't set up to handle all the old donations through this new site. I hope this will be okay with everyone since technically all those donations were in support of the old site, and now we'll be working with a new system and new rules. I really appreciate all the support that's been donated over the years, and I of course want to serve everyone as best I can. So if you still have concerns please let me know!

Hello Veronique!

What part of France are you from? My family is from Blenod-Toul.

I went to make a donation and saw the "coming soon." Any idea on when that will be live?

We hope to have it up in the next couple of weeks. It's high on the list of priorities! Thanks so much for asking, it feels great to know that people want more of my designs and to support the site!

Hello Lisa !
I live near Sens in Burgundy. But I have family in the United States, Houston and Los Angeles! I am delighted to have shared with you.

Helle Marisa !
Thanks for your answer.

Hi Marisa. I am justing wanting to know how the donations will work as I am new to all this. Is it via credit card etc? What happens if you do not own a credit card?

The donations will most likely be through Paypal, so whatever options they have you'll be able to use.

thank you smiley

Bonjour Veronique!

You live in a very beautiful part of France! My mom came to the US from France but her family is still in Toul and some live in Nancy.