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Staying in Gamut

I use PSE11 and have access to PS CS4 but I don't know how to make sure everything is "in Gamut." Is there a tutorial anyone can refer me to?

You must use PSCS for it, as PSE don´t have any means of warning you about gamut. On ps4 you simply go to view>gamut warning. Everything that is out of gamut appears in gray. If you want it to show in other color (for me, gray is harder to see, so I put th gamut warning to show lime green, a color that I almost never use and contrasts with pretty much everything) go to edit>preferences>transparency and gamut and change the color in the box under gamut warning.

A helpful detail is that, if you click on gamut warning option if you are on the color picker dialog box, it will show if the color you got is in gamut, out of gamut, or close to be out of gamut (when you have to be really careful). Also, when saving .jpgs and (if i´m not mistaken) using filters and textures, you can go on gamut warning and it will show you if the colors will drop off gamut if you complete that action. Yep, papers can be perfectly on gamut when they are psds but can drop off when saved to jpgs, what is a little designer hell...

LOL Lorien @ "designer hell"!

Lou Anne - You can also use keyboard shortcut ctrl+shift+y in PS. I usually check my color palette before I start making anything to make sure I'm not starting with something that I'm gonna have to re-do in the end.

Then I check all of my papers and elements after they're done. Even if you start with in-gamut colors, certain blending can throw it off. Anything with strong highlights or really bright colors will likely be out. In this case, I convert the color mode to CMYK, which brings everything back into gamut. If the change is not too drastic and I can live with it, I then switch back to RGB color mode. Doing this will keep the change to the in-gamut colors. If the change to CMYK was too drastic or totally dulls out my paper/element, I just get rid of it. I haven't found that happens too often though. Usually the color mode change is subtle enough to keep. smiley

Thank you Amanda and Lorien. That was very helpful.

I knew we had talked about that before Cat and needed that while you were gone and couldn't for the life of me find it so Lorien and Marisa had to teach me all over. LoL

Lórien is correct, Gamut can't be checked using PS Elements follow her directions for checking it in PCS.

Also, this may be helpful to you.............

Tiffany Berman of InspiredbyDominicDesigns has a number of posts on her blog that cover various Quality Assurance topics, including one on Gamut here:

Does anyone know if there is a way to check for out of gamut colors if you DO NOT own a PhotoShop?