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Quick Pages - Opinions

One feature I've never offered, but we're considering, is Quick Pages. They are somewhat tricky for 2 reasons:

1. They are often very large files, so the DC price would perhaps have to be higher than I might like.
2. I am confused about where to put them on the site, or how to relate them to other things. They are almost a layout, kind of an asset, maybe a little bit of a template...

I guess what I'm asking is:

1. Do you use them?
2. Do you buy them?
3. Should we offer them?
4. Do you prefer a collection of them to make a book?
5. Other thoughts.

They catch my eye and I download them, but never use them. I guess I have to do my own creative thing.

Would I pay for one? Probably not. (I may not be a good representative sample though, I seldom buy anything! LOL)

Should you offer them - everyone else is, so probably. It would be worth it to test the waters IMO.

I'm like Tina, if it catches my eye and is part of a kit that I like, I will dl it (if it's free).
I have only purchased qp's if they were bundled with a mega collection, I have never bought them separately.

I am like the ladies. I only download QP if they are in the same zip as something that interests me most, or to use for future reference, but I don´t download them to use.

Isn´t better to upload them as templates, so you change color, can add/subtract things, etc?

Personally, I never download, and never buy them when offered, I think they take the creative element away from creating something personal.

I download them only if it's a part of a kit (like a blogtrain) but i never use it aswell... I wouldn't pay for it for that reason smiley

It seems that you are all like me, what's left for us to do if the page is already finished?

I think there are probably people out there who perhaps want to have a finished book, but don't want to spend the time. So I guess it's a matter of finding those people...

Yeah and i think bragbook or what you call it may be easier smiley But as you say i like to scrap so i don't want somebody doing it for me smiley

I have used Quickpages to make a bragbook for my FIL - deadline: one day. He had to be on the boat to his family abroad the next day! I download them occasionally but have only ever used one of them for my own layouts. And even then, I changed and added a lot to make it 'mine'. I would never pay for them.

I have seen some ladies around lately that offer quickpages as a layered template, so you can still change stuff around. I think they offer a layered PSD with all the items separately. That way you would almost be selling a mini-kit... I have never bought one, so I don't know exactly what they offer, but if that is the case (you would be buying all elements and papers with that go with it), I might even be willing to pay for it...

I think I saw Sahlin Studio offer them... hang on... here it is:


Maybe that is a way to go? At least then it would be very clear why they cost more than other templates/assets.

When I first ventured into digiscrapping I used quick pages - because not only did I not know how to digiscrap, but I was trying to learn (very slowly, I might add) PSP at the same time. Using a template was overwhelming to me, but a year ago I finally learned how to use a template & since then I don't use quick pages at all... Part of the reason I don't use quick pages anymore is because I like to have my layout fit the theme of my photo. Plus a lot of people seem to use flowers, flowers, flowers (clusters & clusters of them) in their quick pages & my boys and I don't like them. And I think my design style (at least right now) is a bit more simpler than some of the quick pages I've seen out there, and I like the idea of making my own pages anyhow.

@ Melouise: I like your idea of layered quick pages - that's cool! Then I could take off all the flowers & such and keep just what I like. Now if quick pages were like that I might be more inclined to use them, as it would save me time & then I could customize them to suit my taste...

I too, like to design my own BUT sometimes I just need to get pages done, and I DO use quick pages.

I also have to speak for a lot of my friends who I've personally helped transition them into digital scrapbooking, away from traditional, and almost ALL of them use quick pages.

Some of them are slowly starting to use templates - which I also like to use. I do feel, if you know how to use templates, they are the-way-to-go to jump-start your layout. smiley

Even though I'm a designer, I enjoy using other designers assets, templates, quick pages, etc.

I have used quickpages, but like them best when they are psd, so that I can modify to fit my needs.

Thanks for that idea Melouise. I used to offer the .PSD file of all my layouts here, but of course the files are very large, but perhaps we'll bring them back.

I think it's a great way for people who are trying to figure out what's happening to see a finished layout with all the layers to see what's going on "behind the scenes."

As usual, you've all helped me to think this issue through! So glad I don't have to think about it all by myself now!

I just saw the cluster's you uploaded, Marisa, and those are also another way to make a page "quick" smiley
And they are super cute!

I never used to use QP but recently I find myself with a mental block when it comes to holidays and birthdays. The pictures are so similar year to year and so it is hard to step out and come up with new ideas. I usually only get QPs that are free and I find I like ones with lots of empty space so I can add more photos if I want and personalize it. It just helps me break out of a scrappers block.

My opinion is much the same as everyone else's! I'll take a QP if it's free/blogtrain or part of a kit, but I rarely use them. I actually feel like I'm cheating a little if I show it to other people. But I can definitely see the appeal for people just starting out, trying to decide if they like digi-scrapping or not. Or maybe someone with not a lot of time but still wants to put together nice family albums. So, there is probably a small population out there who wants it.