Forum Now Open, Welcome Moderators!

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Forum Now Open, Welcome Moderators!

I'm excited to be opening this forum. It seems like there's interest for improving PSP skills, so here's your chance to learn from each other.

We've got two great moderators for this forum:

Tina Campanale
Wilma Schout

Thanks Marisa! Can't wait to get the forum rolling.

Yay! smiley Someday, when I get a better grasp of PSP I will volunteer to help out. But for now... I just want to learn. And I hope you girls can help me... smiley

That's what were here for smiley
Where do you want to start? I'm going to try to get some things together and post individual topics but it would be helpful to know what areas you need help with.

Anything & everything! smiley Most of the tutorials out there are for Photoshop which is so frustrating...

Here's one off the top of my head: How to use patterns - to make papers or elements.

This week I created a small tile to make plaid paper for the December blog train, but couldn't figure out for the life of me how to turn it into a paper. So I went online to find a tutorial on making plaid papers & all I found were ones geared toward Photoshop or on making them with gradients...

I tried doing a "flood fill" with the tile I made, but it didn't look right. Then I tried the "paste into selection" option - that also didn't look right. Finally I ended up trying to make a gradient (not sure I did a good job, but I tried) so I could make the plaid paper with the instructions I did find. There just has to be an easier way... no?

I found this one for you. Give this a try and let me know what you think. I find Shawna's tutorials to be really easy to follow.

Great I can help here and thanks for having me Marisa! smiley

Thought of a couple more...

Styles (i.e. glossy, etc.) & brushes... I see those for Photoshop all the time, and it looks like you can do some pretty cool stuff with them. Is there a PSP equivalent for these things? Or can the Photoshop ones be used? And how/where do you install/use them?

Unfortunately we can't use Styles in PSP (I would wish it could, because that's what I really miss in PSP!) but you can use Brushes in PSP, I have to write a tutorial for it, how you can use it, I add it to my To Do list!

Oh bummer... smiley There always seems like there's so much out there we PSP users can't use... Sometimes I wish I could have started out with Photoshop, but PSP came highly recommended to me by a friend & it was the more affordable option. *Sigh*

Ooh... a tutorial on brushes... Are we able to import them into PSP or do we have to convert them first or make our own? Anyhow, I can't wait - tyvm, Wilma!