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Hi! I am new to this site. I have a couple of questions. I tried using the search to see if I could find the answer but wasn't able to find anything that way. So sorry if this has been asked somewhere else.

In the help section it says DC points are not accumulative. Back in December I received an email stating I was being given 10 DC points as a gift. I didn't that I had ever signed up here but I apparently have at one time. When I found time to check your site out I discovered what I have since learned that I had over 60 DC points and what they were for. So my question is how did I earn that many before I even filled out my profile, and started to become active? Maybe I was active without knowing I was? So other than donating how do you get more points.

Thanks for your assistance.

ETA: I don't think your question will be answered in that thread, but I'm sure you weren't active without knowing it. Jordan and Marisa sometimes to be nice to us will give bonus points for Christmas, Birthdays, or various other reasons. So it is totally possible that is where your points came from and why they haven't expired. I would use them before they did, just in case though. smiley --shawna

Hi Kelly. We have a full post here about download credits. Leave a note there if you still have a question after reading.

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