ISO: Paper Templates 014 Kit

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ISO: Paper Templates 014 Kit

Can anyone point me in the direction of the "Paper Templates 014 Kit", please??? I can't seem to find by searching or browsing manually... smiley Thanks in advance!

I don't think there is one.

I too, searched through them and can't find a template pack number 014 either. It may have just been a number Marisa inadvertently skipped and not really ever existed. smiley

Do you know what was in it? Maybe it is listed with another number/title

No...I was using the naming scheme like "Paper Templates ### Kit" to find the ones I was missing and noticed that 14 was missing, but couldn't find it! Just so long as I am not going crazy! smiley

well we're probably ALL going crazy but that doesn't mean you missed the package 14. hee hee hee smiley

Sometimes numbers get skipped for various reasons. If you can't find it easily, it probably doesn't exist.

You know that is going to bug my OCD self, right? smiley

@Tina: right there with you! LoL smiley

You know that is going to bug my OCD self, right? :-P

Haha. It used to bother me too, until I decided it was better to let it go and focus on making new stuff, rather than trying to get everything numbered just right.