What Are Your Plans For Valentine's Day??

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What Are Your Plans For Valentine's Day??

Hello Everyone.. Just a little curious about what everyone else is doing for Valentine's Day, We still don't have any plans, But I'm sure that this valentine's day is going to be a great one, I'm still looking for the perfect gift for my husband, smiley I don't want it to be the typical valentine's day gift, I want something very special but I am still deciding.. Let us know what your plans are here...
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone smiley
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We don't have anything planned. We both have to work that day, so we'll be too tired to do anything (we're old smiley ). I also have "convention" that day - training seminars for the school board employees - so I'll be way down in the south end of the city with lots of traveling time, so I don't want to have to be somewhere and stuck in rush hour traffic. I might make some red velvet cupcakes on the weekend though since it will be a long weekend here - Family Day - on the following Monday.

My husband and I will go out to brunch! Its easier than finding a sitter on a night when everyone wants to go out.

We normally would go out, but we swore off eating out until we paid off our loan (which will be sometime in March)....so we'll probably try to get the kids to bed early & have a candlelit dinner at home, I think.

After over 37 years of marriage and having had no children pretty much every day is Valentine's Day for us. It's funny, this year I will be driving to my sisters for a week. So I won't even be home for Valentine's Day. My plans for the week...pouring a cement walkway and then going to my hair stylist.

Cat: Sounds like you will be having a busy weekend, hope you enjoy those yummi red velvet cupcakes & enjoy your family day.. thanks for sharing Cat and Happy Valentine's Day in advance!!

Amber: I agree with you it is hard to find a sitter that would like to stay over the night, but hope you and your family enjoy the day, Happy valentine's Day in advance!!

Lizanne: Glad to hear that, a candlelit dinner sounds very romantic, hope you and your love one have a wonderful time celebrating, I'm seriously thinking on having a candlelit dinner with my husband too, I think it's better than going out!! thanks for sharing and have a Happy Valentine's Day in advance!

Janet: Congrats on your 37yrs of marriage, a different valentine's day sounds very interesting!! thanks for sharing & have a Happy Valentine's Day!

@Samantha: someone sent me a recipe for a Red Velvet Cake roll.....my hubby LOVES red velvet cake so now my mind is spinning with ideas. I just need to get a hold of one of those jelly roll pans (I have all sorts of cake pans, but wouldn't you know I wouldn't have THAT one... LOL). And my eldest took "Culinary" last year (he's 16), so I'm thinking of putting him to work (make us a gourmet meal for Valentine's Day)... What do ya think? smiley smiley

Lizanne - I think that sounds like a great plan!

We probably will just go out to eat but I don't know because it is on a Friday and then being a holiday like Valentine's Day so the restaurants will be crowded so maybe not. He has been talking about what to get me for 3 weeks. He used to get me a big red teddy bear every year and always for Christmas a white one. I had so many teddy bears. I just didn't know what to do with them and then they were getting so dirty I finally had to tell him to stop getting them for me. It really hurt his feelings. He always got me something else too but the teddy bear was kind of a tradition. Maybe we will just order in and have a romantic evening. But I really don't know what to get him. The man has everything. You all have a Great Valentine's Day too!!!

@Lizanne: I think that's an awesome idea, I'm sure he will be getting good credits about his cooking, and dinner will be extra special!! smiley

@Brenda: You're so right, restaurants are going to be crowded on Friday & i'm sure during the weekend too, Same here i don't know what to get my husband either, he has everything too, but hopefully I will find something he doesn't have lol thanks for sharing!

My hubby and I will both be at work all day and then our daughter has a T-ball game that night. Maybe we might go out to lunch the next day, no real plans yet. We don't usually do gifts but I might get him some chocolates or something we can share.

@Wenjoy: Hope you guys enjoy that lunch and those yummi chocolates.. smiley

Well, I made a small double brownie tonight, since my son will be working tomorrow as usual. But he didn't end up eating it this evening...he really doesn't have a sweet tooth. I'll probably make some white chocolate covered nuts, and possible some rice krispies, (I like the funnel cone and make it look like a huge Hershey's kiss.

We were graduate students so we keep it low key, spaghetti at home...those first years, and there was two years where someone was sick on Valentine's Day. Then after our 2nd, a young couple decided to give us a night out, and they came to get the kids for the night...but right after they left we realized we couldn't get the car started, so we headed back into the house and had to find something to eat....spaghetti at home again. Then when the kids got older, 6 & 3...they started heating up the sauce and cooking, while the younger one set the table for candlelight dinners. And the night before we would spend the evening showing the kids our wedding photos...and telling the stories about how we met, etc.

Tonight I went out to the deep freeze for chicken, and found flowers in the freezer...thought about whether it was my son's for a girl he's trying to get...they have liked each other quietly for years, but never connected. I decided I'd better tell him that if his dad asked, HE was the one that went to the freezer. (I usually ask him to pull things out, cause it's to hard on me to deal with the cold. Son hemmed and hawed, then asked...you mean YOU went to the deep freeze? Then he fessed up that the flowers WERE his.

We'll also call and chat with our daughter on campus , as Valentine's is always hard for her, with so many friends already married and she's still on her own.

Low key, but full of smiley !

We don´t celebrate Valentine´s here in Brazil... But since I got an awesome V-day kit maybe someone will find his wallpaper changed this night...

Laura: that's what it counts that you are full of love, something simple but with lots of love!! thanks for sharing!! smiley

Lorien: that's pretty good Lorien, i need to change my wallpaper too smiley

So Valentine's Day was pretty much cancelled thanks to about 1.5 feet of snow and everything closing including school...so we may have a redo next week lol

Amber- Sorry to heard, but hopefully you guys can make it up next week, hope you have a great valentine's day celebration!!

Wild Wings Restaurange

Vickie- Sounds delicious, thanks for sharing!

My Valentine's Day was great. I took my aunt to the cemetery first thing as it was her first smiley day AND anniversary without my uncle. Then we went to breakfast. Friday afternoon my sister had her baby he is pretty cute. My husband was on call last week so we stayed home (which I prefer anyway over the crowds) and he made a delicious dinner complete with candles. I was super spoiled and am now running 4 monitors on my pc which is WONDERFUL!

@Kaleena: you had a wonderful valentine's day for sure, Congrats on your niece, my sister had her baby too about 4 weeks ago, if feels good having a new baby in the family, he is my first nephew so i'm so excited... glad you had a lovely day, thanks for sharing with us!! smiley