Cluster Shadows - Opinions

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Cluster Shadows - Opinions

I just uploaded some clusters, which are new to both me and the site. As I was uploading them I started to question the shadowing I used. Obviously I have to shadow the elements in the cluster, but should I clip off the shadow around the outside so people can use their own shadows or leave it in? Right now the ones that are uploaded are fully shadowed.

I keep mine full shadowed smiley So i don't mind you keeping it smiley

I always stay away from pre-shadowed clusters, because I want all my shadows on my layouts to be the same and it takes me to much time trying to 'guess' what sort of shadow the designer added... So for my 'needs' smiley you would need to cut of the outside shadows. Lots of designers offers them shadowed and not-shadowed byt he way (I always chuck away the shadowed ones smiley)

That's what I've seen too - they offer a shadowed & non-shadowed version.

Maybe tomorrow I'll post them without shadows and see how it goes...

Marisa, I use a set of QC actions by Andrea Gold that includes a shadow remover. It's great because you can have shadows on the inside edges of each clustered element and scrappers can shadow the cluster any way they want.

Yeah, I can easily clip out the outside shadows, I just didn't know if it was weird to then add your own shadow to the "inside" shadows since some of the clusters have a lot of shadow showing. I'll try some without shadows and you can let me know how it goes.

Ok, I have both options available for download now. So we'll see what people really like!