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Links to Resources Used in Templates

Is there a place on the site somewhere (or in the template files) that shows what resources are used in the templates? Specifically, I want to know what fonts are being used so I can make sure I have it installed before I open up a .psd file to work with it. Thanks!

@Tina: Is this a common occurrence? I think the only place I commonly use fonts would be in a layout template, and there I figure it doesn't much matter as I'm assuming people will be changing the font to suit what they have.

Although, it does seem like it would be nice to have links for fonts used in other ways, like layouts and possibly word art. is layout templates. And I don't need the link, just a heads up of what font was used so I can make sure it's installed (I have over 5,000 fonts, so likely have it already, LOL!) (like in a text document)!

What a good idea!