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@Linda: If you right-click the Pixelscrapper logo image, you should get a popup window with all sorts of size options. Choose your size and on the next page it will say "Download the -selected- size of this photo".

I'm not sure what your mean when you say the preview covers too much, if you could elaborate on that a little I might be able to help.

@Linda, maybe you mean the actual size of your kit preview in the preview thread? If so, this thread may help you. Though I've noticed with IMGUR (if you choose to use that one) you can just copy and paste the BBCode directly into your post without using the image link above (saves you one step in the process). If you make sure to use the 'Large Thumbnail' option like Jordan recommends, it should be the perfect size for the forum.

Love that there is a blog train here, hoping to participate so I can get experience!!

New at creating all this fun stuff and hope to get in on the next one! smiley

Cant wait smiley

I will be participating in one these as I recently got hooked on designing and I am having a lot of fun with it. I love to create things. Thanks for the opportunity for us to show our work.

I would like to join. Here is my preview

@Karen: I'll post the sign up thread for the Nov blog train near the end of October.

Would it be possible to go back to having a consistent naming convention? Or did the community decide against that at some point and I missed it? I LOVED the blog trains we did where everyone named their stuff using the same format.

The reasons I like this practice are:
- it makes it very easy to sort and organize all the many parts of the blog train
- it reminds newer designers of the importance of including your name (designer name or something that ties the item back to you as the designer) in the name of each and every item you offer
- having a designer name right there for each item makes writing credits possible - I want to give proper credit to your work!
- in the past when our blog trains were smaller I used my renaming program to add designer names to items that were missing them, but at this point since I'm downloading hundreds of pieces per blog train, unless I REALLY like a design I will probably just end up deleting items that I would have to rename.

The convention used in the past was in the following format (this is an example of what it would look like in November for a paper that I designed): PSNov13_Scrumptiously_Vintage_paper1

Let me know what you think!

Hi, a question from a newbie here - can I do just a paper pack for the blog train or does it need to be a kit?

@Patricia, You can make whatever you like, just try to keep it on the small side (not too many elements/papers). A paper pack will do!

Thanks Melouise!

hi want to try this one be my first blog train. smiley

Since this is my first PS blog train, I have some questions LOL! On some others I've done they have a short blog train paragraph that everybody posts on there blog, etc which has a list of the urls for everybody's part. Do you have that here? Or is the list only in the site post? I'm getting ready to post my part on my blog and thought maybe I should ask about this before I do.

This issue may be addressed somewhere but I haven't seen it!

I generally just point people to the list here at Pixel Scrapper.

ok thanks Merisa!

I'm glad you asked this question, Patricia! I have three thoughts that have been developing over time about the relative merits of pointing people towards the PS thread rather than providing a list of URLs.

The first is that people often submit their contributions for the blog train a day or two late (or even longer), and pointing readers towards the PS thread rather than providing a list of URLs on your blog will mean they have access to everything without you having to constantly update the list.

The second is that there are designers here who don't have blogs or facebook, so providing the URL on your blog to their dropbox link (which is the link they would provide here in the PS thread) cuts out the step where the people downloading can see the photo of the designer, read any commentary they might have posted along with their link and preview, and see that there is a thread here for leaving comments, which is the only way folks without blog/facebook will get comments on their work.

The third is that Pixel Scrapper is all about building community and bringing people to the PS site and forum is a great way to contribute to that! On the other hand, I am not sure but I believe that people have to make a PS account in order to read the thread (anyone know if this is true?) which might be a huge turn-off for me if I were a blog train "shopper" who was not already part of that community.

I´m new to the site and I'd love to participate. Where should I sign in ?

@Maria: You don't really need to sign in, just work on your part and sign up when the final thread is posted. Here's the current in progress thread: http://www.pixelscrapper.com/forums/digital-scrapbooking/pixel-scrapper-blog-trains/february-2014-in-progress

Hi Hun. I would love to join in the fun. smiley

Can a contribution to the blog train be a template or do we need to create something that can be a part of a kit (i.e. elements or papers)?


Hey Jennifer, you can contribute whatever you like! It is your choice

Thanks, Janet.

this is a great Idea. I want to join for next blog train. @Marisa can you please add me to the pintrest inspiration board?

I can't wait to join this in April! I'm currently a designer at DSA (which is closing this month) and was pointed in this direction to join your blog train!!

I hope to join with the may blog train, i'm very busy to creating some papers but for me it's hard to make elements, but i have a little time left so i hope i'm on time. i already have some papers and and alpha.

how do you post your portion? Do you have to have a blog or is there anyway to just upload it to this site? I want to participate for either May or June, but i don't know how to share my portion without a blog. I've never done one before, so didn't really want to set up my own page/blog at this point.

@Holly: You'll need to upload it to some sort of file hosting site (see here for more info). Then you can just link directly to that in the sign up thread.

Edited after reading more about the blog trains and seeing I am SO not qualified to attempt anything yet other than a layout or design challenge.

So .. nevermind. smiley

I would like to join! I have been looking for blog trains to join!