Making Glitter Texture in Photoshop

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Thanks so much Marisa. I didn't even know those were there. I still have so much to learn about Photoshop. Do you know of any remedial tutorials on how to use the software outside of digital scrapbooking? I am usually pretty good about finding my way around new software, but this one has so many layers.

@Tina: Since learning Photoshop is standard for lots of different careers/hobbies, there are tons of tutorials out there. I'm not super familiar with any myself. One old-school way to do is to get a book from the library. That can be a lot easier to refer to, especially if you only have one monitor (it can be hard to see a tutorial and your workspace at the same time). If you find a book you like, then you could even purchase it to have on hand any time. If you're looking for more specific recommendations, try posting a question in the software support forum.

I can't seem to get this to work properly. When I add the final Web layer in overlay it just goes black and white. I don't seem to have the shine and sparkle that everyone gets... Any suggestions on how to improve? I use Photoshop Elements 12, could this be the problem?

Just to let you know I opened up my Photoshop and did this tutorial right away - I made up a red, dark teal, light teal, blue, gold and green - all in a span of less than 30 minutes - that's how easy this tutorial is! thank you so much

Donna - what version are you using? I am trying to figure out if it is a step I am missing or something in Photoshop Elements 12 that is not working properly

great tutorial. Just finished making some glitter. So much fun.

Hi, Love the tutorial. I am a GIMP user and fairly new to the digital design. Does anyone maybe know how or where I can find the towel and web pattern for GIMP?

thank you so much! I am amazed at how much I am learning here!

Oh, God! I've followed all the steps twice, but all I get is a gray result. In the end, the only thing I see is the last layer. But I won't give up. I'll try again and again until I make my own glitter pattern!

Wow! Just got it! I was changing the mode (to overlay, soft light etc.) using the drop-down menu on the top (below "Select") and not the one on top of the layers. It just worked now!

Made some awesome glitter tonight for a project that I am working on using this tutorial. I was able to save each color as a .png and .pat now to figure out how to make styles smiley

Thank you so much for providing this tutorial. I played around with several different patterns and they all look pretty cool!

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for the tutorial!!!

Thank you so much, this one I could do in PSE 12! I saved it layered, and when I want another color, I just fill the color layers with the color of choice. I'll get Brooke's Sparkle Template soon and add it.


Great, thank you so much smiley

Thank you. The graphic showing the steps to find the patterns was helpful, because I didn't know you could change the thumbnail size. You should move the graphic into the steps in the tutorial.

I've always wanted to do this- thank you!

Towel and Web are both in the Texture Fill 2 pattern set that comes with PSE. I don't know for sure that it's comes with PSE 11, but I think it does. The rest of the tutorial works the same regardless of the program you are using. This is great tutorial that makes a really pretty glitter. Thanks.

Thank you!)))

Thank you very much. You make it easy to do.

I will try this tutorial

Thank you Marisa. I think i made it work, but i will need to write this down!