Getting a notification for forum replies?

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Getting a notification for forum replies?

Is there a way you can get an email notification when someone replies to a forum thread you created. I hate having to come back to the page to check to see if someone commented on my post. Went to settings but cannot see anything there about receiving notifications. Anyone know??


I have the same question indeed.
Looked allready at all the options in the account settings, but found nothing.

Hi girls. This site is still a beta, so not everything is working yet. This is a feature which, unfortunatelly, we still don´t have, that´s why I moved this topic to "Feature Requests" forum. And it´s possibly better if you add future ideas about it on this topic:
But, as I´m not really sure if it´s about the same thing people are discussing on that forum or, if what you´re asking is slightly different, I´ll keep it an open topic- at least by now.

Coming to add my vote for this feature, too!

I know I'm commenting on this one late, but I'm voting for this feature.

I think all notifications are essentially for the same feature. I too am voting for this. I believe that Jordan said it was on the cards for the future.

Now that we have notifications, I am now NOT receiving notifications when someone comments. Have they been disabled, or is anyone else having this problem? (1/22/14)

Haven't seen notifications for about 5 days, but it's working now. Thanks Jordan!

I seem to of lost the whole notification section from the top of my screen! It was working for me up until last night...

@Anita: The notifications are experiencing some technical difficulties. Hopefully they'll be up and working again soon. See here for more updates.

@Marisa. Thanks for the info. I found that post just after I posted my own! Pleased to let you know everything is working again now! Loving the site! smiley

I'm happy to say that a notifications feature has now been rolled out to everyone. Please see the post at