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Do i need only use the assets in layouts or can i use also my own elements in a layout?

Hi Lenie5,

I think if you´re still asking about the challenges, right? You may use your own elements, things you got at this site or at any other. If possible, credit the stuff you used. And don´t tag the layout as an "example layout" for a kit if you use more than one kit in it...

If you´re asking about other thing that is not how Pixel Scrapper Challenges or Gallery work, please let me know because I´m not sure if I understand your question. English is not my mother tongue, so sometimes I don´t understand things well.

Hi, Lorien
I know now that every layout I made with my own elements/assets....can put into the gallery, the layouts of mine are 600x600 pix.
That's oke...thanks for your respons....
There is so much to learn about things on the site.
I do my best.

Glad you´re finding your way around it smiley

But i can't yet into the gallery to put my layout in it.
I have my name (the number) changed and saved in my profile.....but still nothing changed.....

I´ll let Marisa know that your name changed, to see if she can manually aproove your gallery access.

Thanks, Lorien...