Fixed problem with free daily credits

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That is so sweet! thanks! i hadn't even noticed that my credits were lacking! LOL

Thankyou very much

Thanks Jordan!

Thank you! Love this site - you guys are fabulous! smiley

Thanks for all you do for us here; keeping a watchful eye over everything working properly is such a huge job! We appreciate you!!

Thanks everyone for all the support smiley

Thanks so much

Could I have those extra credits, Jordan? Thankyouuu.

Hi Aprill... this is a thread about a problem from three months ago... did you also have a problem with your free daily credits recently?

yes. Jordan. I logged in everyday and download the kits. How come I still didn't get any free daily credits? I don't understand. Thankyou for your attention, Jordan.

Hi April, I just checked your account, and you currently have 18 free download credits in your account. Because download credits do not accumulate, you need to use all of those credits before you will receive more free daily credits. Does that make sense? Please see the help topics about download credits at

I'm not sure if anyone else is having the issue but i lost my download credits, and didn't get to download, ..I signed in this morning (Australia time Sunday morning 25th May) i had my credits i chose an item to download selected the commercial choice then pressed the download button, it sat for a little bit like it was going to download, but then I got a page that said it could not connect, so I tried again, the same thing happened, so I came back out of that item to look at some others thinking it might have been a site time out and try again later for it when I noticed that my credits had been used up so I logged out and back in to see if that would fix the problem and bring the credits back but alas no

Debra: You should be able to redownload the item for free (up to seven days, I believe)
If it's not showing where you have permission to download it for free again. Please post a copy to the item and when Jordan or Marisa get a chance checking in from their vacation. I will get them to look at it and see what happened and replace your credits for that day if we need to. smiley Please let me know how it looks for you today. smiley

Thanks Shawna