Kids Valentine's Cards

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Kids Valentine's Cards

Hello all!

I'm working on a Valentine's Day project for the kids I work with at elementary school. I'm using Pixel Scrapper goodies to create postcards in Photoshop, that will serve as Valentine's cards for the kids to fill out and send to each other. I was going to buy the little cards you can find at Walmart, but I want the kids to have enough space to write one nice thing about the person they are sending the cards to....instead of just filling out the to-and-from section.

I have a little post box made up where they can drop their postcards for all the days leading up to Valentine's Day, then I'll distribute the cards into each child's mailbox. That way they'll hopefully have a box stuffed with nice and encouraging words about them! smiley That's the goal anyway!

I've got the background images made up thus far....but....I'm getting hung up on cute little phrases to add to some of the cards. I've got a couple cards that have something like "You are my sunshine", "Whoooooo think's you are awesome?" (obviously an owl themed postcard!)....but I'm hitting a block when it comes to cute little kiddy phrases.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Have you tried to look at Pinterest? Try some search like kids Valentine´s or so... Every year I see tons of ideas...

I agree Lorien, Pinterest has loads of children's valentines ideas/phrases, so I am sure you will pick up something there.

I agree with Lorien & Anita, Pinterest has very cute and creative ideas, i'm sure you would find something there smiley

Didn't think of Pinterest! Thanks!

Just in case anyone else is interested in making Valentine's cards for kiddos, I was given this link by a friend. It is PURE gold!

Oh what a great site! Thanks for sharing, Rachel, and I'm glad you found what you were looking for! Those ideas are too cute. smiley

What a great idea! They will love those I'm sure.

I really love your idea! I really wanted to make my daughters valentines this year but she insisted on having store bought FROZEN valentines.

okay, you got me .... what is a frozen valentine ... lol

Frozen = the Disney movie, I guess...

I googled Frozen ... can you tell my grandgirls are in their teens ... I didn't even know this existed lol ... now it makes sense

Oooo! I love cute Valentine puns. This is my go to list

Yes from the movie! Sorry for a late reply... We got a lot of snow and 4 snow days with the girls had me crazy busy.
I have only seen parts of the movie my oldest goes around singing songs from it and just doesn't stop lol. I hear it's really good a lot of my friends that have seen it even fell in love with it.

...I have yet to see Frozen, but I hear it's totally worth seeing!

The sites were wonderful links.

I really, really, really LOVE making them. But somehow, every year I'm like CRAP it's Feb 12th and we haven't made any or bought anything! Last year is the exception; for some reason I was really on the ball last year. This year my son's school banned treats, though. As in, no candy. WTHeck??? They had the same rule at the Christmas - excuse me, HOLIDAY party. And they didn't even bother to do anything for Halloween. /rant.
Where was I? lol
Oh yeah. I love these links, they're great!

Every year I tell myself I'm going to make Christmas cards or Valentine's cards to mail off to my loved ones.....and I always fail. The only reason I did the Valentine's this year was because of the kids I tutor. Our Valentine's party has been postponed till tomorrow, due to snow last week.....but they LOVED filling out cards for each other! I'm excited to see them open their mailboxes and read all the nice things they each had to say about their classmates! smiley

Valentines cards are so fun i want to do a bunch for next year!!