Jordan:Help :D [Error downloading Sweet Valentine]

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Jordan:Help :D [Error downloading Sweet Valentine]

Yesterday I tried to download the Sweet Valentine and got an error and again today I get an error. It will not allow me to download any part individually or as a bundle.
Hugs Becky

@Becky: I have a CU unlimited account so I'm not sure if PU downloads are different but I just downloaded all four parts of this kit to make sure and they worked for me and seem to have unzipped ok, too. Just now at 6:15pm EST So let us know if you try again and it still doesn't work maybe Jordan can help you figure out the issue.
Also, NOTE: I am using Chrome browser and I don't know if your browser makes any difference, but if you haven't had problems before with downloads that is probably not it. Sorry, Hope I helped some. smiley

Thanks for responding Shawna. I am also unlimited cu and using Chrome. This morning when I tried to download I got the same error. I cleared my browsing data and history and then reset my internet and now I am able to download again. So maybe it was something on my side after all. Never had it happen it before so not sure what it was. I took a screen shot of the error this time so if it happens again I will post the screen shot and may someone will know what the cause of the error is. But it seems for now I'm back in business. Thanks again Shawna smiley

Ok I'm back to having issues again I am not able to download anything. Here is the error message.

hmmm... that's an intense error for me LoL Jordan will definitely have to help with this one. smiley He should see this within the next day. Sorry for your troubles... it does seem maybe on your end, but Jordan is sometimes really good with giving us ideas on how to "fix" things. hee hee

Thanks Shawna I think I fixed it. I tried downloading with foxfire and it worked just fine. So I thought it must be a Chrome issue. I reset all my chrome setting and was able to download just fine. So hopefully this time it's fixed.

Spoke too soon. Getting the error again today.

Becky: I changed the title to let Jordan know the next time he logs in... smiley I'm sorry I'm not able to help you with my minimal technical knowledge. smiley Maybe he can give you some more direction especially with the error code you posted in #04

Hi Becky, sorry for the trouble, and sorry for the delayed response. That's quite a strange error that you are getting... just to clarify, are you receiving that error as soon as you click on the "download" button, or do you see a spinning popup briefly, and then get that error? And is this something that has just started happening for you (in other words, you've been able to download fine in the past)?

I think this particular error is related to something on your side, probably having to do with either your browser, and/or operating system, and plugins or programs that you have installed. Can you tell me what operating system you are using?

One thing you could try is uninstalling Chrome complete, and then re-installing it, and see if that helps. Another thing is to try disabling your browser extensions one by one, and see if any of them are the culprit... I know that some people have seen this error when using "surfing protection" provided by the Advanced System Care application.

If all else fails, you could just use a different browser to download, but I know that can be a big pain smiley

Also, do make sure that your browser is fully updated by visiting

Hi Jordan
As soon as you said this (Advanced System Care application) I knew you had hit on something. I do have this and as soon as I disabled it I was able to download again. You are the best! Thanks so much. Not sure why this just started though, as I have had this program for a while. But so glad I'm able to download again. I need my daily PS Fix. lol. smiley
Hugs Becky