Lessons Learned from the December Blog Train

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Lessons Learned from the December Blog Train

So, since this was my first time around in doing any sort of design/blog train. There were many things I realized after the fact that I should have probably done differently. I thought this might be a good way for those of us who participated to share what we'd learned (potentially the hard way). Hopefully I'm not the only one who has things to share...

1. If you're going to provide a zipx file (which is supposed to have a faster download time) then also provide a zip file because it is more universal. I had several people who couldn't handle the zipx files. In the future, I think I'll just go with the plain old zip file.

2. Label each individual file within the kit with my name, kit name, then finally element/paper name. I guess this should have been a no brainer...but again I didn't have a designers hat on.

3. Include a Terms of Use file within the folder (again another no brainer had I been thinking). I figured just labeling my kit and the zip file with CU would be sufficient. Oops. smiley

One thing that I noticed as someone who was downloading kits is that I appreciated when the designer put the TOU right on the kit preview image. That saves me time searching as well as downloading kits that I know I'll never use (I never download personal use kits as I don't want to get them confused with my s4h or cu use kits that I use for my business).

Whew...too many things learned the hard way!

Sounds like you learned a few lessons but I hope you had fun too!

Good list... I'm not a designer per se (this was my first attempt at doing something like this), so I don't have a blog/TOU file or what not... I was one of those that put "pu only" on my preview. I didn't feel comfortable doing "cu" because I wasn't sure about the quality of my work (I think I did good, but I don't know - maybe an experienced designer can give me a critique & tell me what I may have done wrong) & didn't really feel like anything I made could be used for designing so I marked it "pu." I guess you didn't download mine since I put "pu?"

Oh, I did Molly...just didn't realize how much I didn't know about the full blog train process. Creating the stuff was lots of fun!

Lizanne, I disagree with you completely. From what I saw of the preview I loved it! I believe yours was one of the previews that didn't have a TOU visible, so I didn't download it...figuring that it was probably PU (what is nearly always the case from what I've seen). I'm sure you had lots of other people who downloaded it though! You did a fantastic job. smiley

I think most of us were first timers in designing. I labeled mine CU only because I know that's what I prefer as someone who uses only CU kits. I don't ever intend on starting my own scrapbook blog/store/etc...just did the blog train for fun. I figure if people can use it, that's wonderful. If not, that's fine as well. I know mine doesn't stand up to what the pros do...but I definitely had a blast making it (actually looked forward to getting a few minutes here and there to create things from scratch).

@Janet: You & I have a lot in common - I'm not intended on starting a blog or store either. To me this was about trying my hand at it & offering something back. I figure I've downloaded freebies, and I wanted to give something back. smiley Only thing I didn't think about was that my work might not pass the muster, so to speak. I only hope what I made is good, and people aren't mad because there may be things they need to clean-up to use (I hope that's not the case, but there's always the possibility - I am a newbie at this).

About the TOU... I did put "pu only" on the preview - there's a tab in the upper right corner & I put those words there. I hope you d/l it & try it out, but if not I understand - not offended at all. smiley

I'll take a peek at it. I may need to just go ahead and start a PU folder here on my computer. Getting more organized with downloads is on my list of things to do better in the new year. smiley

I didn't think to put PU or CU on the preview - but have since started. Thanks for pointing that out Janet. I put no CU in my terms unless asked. Most likely I would say yes, but I put to ask first just so I'll know. At least I'll know from the honest people who ask first. ;-P