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Wonderful work, ladies!!!

smiley I smiley what has been so kindly provided to us.
A job well done by ALL the ladies involved. (insert clapping hands here) - more emoticons needed smiley )

Love everyone's parts!! Thank you all for your care, love and kindness!! Big Texas size hugs!!!

Some great stuff here....thanks to all!!

I am posting here at first to tell you that I finally uploaded my part to my blog, you can find it here. Sorry for being sooooo late, but for one hand, I arrived really late and tired from work yesterday, and from other, all your designs are soooooooo great that I´m a bit ashamed from my noob, tiny kit.

@Lizanne: Do you believe I had almost the same problem as you? My Photoshop stopped working, then my husband installed a new one he recently bought and I felt really lost! I ended up making most of my kit, and the preview, in Corel Draw... I also need to tell you that your kit seem amazing! I loved it!

As soon as I download all the kits (I haven´t even started) I will try to send each of you some smiley.

Thanks Marisa and Jordan for providing us this great opportunity! I learned a lot smiley

Hi all! First let me say again to all the contributors thanks for your great Train additions. For me, I had never "designed" anything before so this was a challenge. I had such a busy November that I just ran out of time and therefore my part is quite tiny but I love plaids and it was fun coordinating the designs with the colors. I also love realism and therefore enjoy extracting items so that is what I went with. Hope you all are able to use some of what I did. Thank you Marisa for the opportunity to go out of my comfort zone and learn something new! Applauding all the designers out there because it is a lot harder than you think to not only "dream up" ellements but to make them come to life. I just loved participating and hope to be able to do it again!

@Lorien, Just downloaded your kit! It is lovely - worth the wait!

Hi there,

Thank you for all the wonderful contributions in the blogtrain! I left individual comments were I could, but ttah wasn't always possible. So I hope you see it here!

I wanted to say thanks to Marisa for the opportunity to participate in a blog train and also thank all of the people who have left comments here or on my blog. I am amazed at the kindness of this community of scrappers and the time that they took to say thank you. Y'all are the best! Thanks to all of the other designers who created something for the train as well. Everything turned out so amazing!

Hoping I can d/l parts of the train tomorrow, provided I don't have anymore problems with my ISP (been having speed & connectivity issues off & on for at least 4-5 days now). I'm sure everyone did a great job - thanks in advance! smiley

@Lorien: Aww... thank you, sweetie! smiley So sorry you had to deal with the same problem I had - I can truly sympathize! I guess we both have a huge learning curve ahead of us now... ((hugs)) Sometimes I really don't like change... I'm still struggling with the differences between Win XP & Win 7 as it is, not to mention Outlook 2003 & Outlook 2007 - I hate what Microsoft did to the newer versions - the older versions were much better!

Thank you all so much! You are all super talented and I so appreciate the time and generosity involved in making this happen. What a lovely community we have here!

Thank you so much for allowing us to participate in the blog train. I'm finally getting around to checking out the parts that I downloaded and am so excited to get started creating. Such fun!!

Thanks to All who Participated in this Awesome BT .. I Have never participated in one but would like to try, just dont know where to start.
I have been trying to learn how make a few papers and embellies .. Maybe i can join in on one soon .. smiley

Thank you ladies so much each and every one for your contributions to the blog train. What a wonderful bevy of goodies!!! smiley

Thank you to the Ladies without blogs! I thanked the rest of you on your blogs! smiley Hope we can continue this each month...

Thanks for hosting this blog train. The pieces on the train are beautiful! I love having the preview with the link! I hope you host another train in the near future!

We are planning a new blog train. There's a bit of discussion about it here: http://www.pixelscrapper.com/forums/digital-scrapbooking/digital-scrapbooking-discussion-chit-chat/requested-overlays although I should probably move it to a new thread.

Thank you so much smiley

TYVM for the wonderful BT and for all the designers who share their talent. Happy Holidays to everyone.

Finally got a chance to d/l everyone's parts... Great job everyone! smiley And thanks! smiley I can't wait to try scrapping something for the train challenge...

I took this morning to unzip and check all the files of this blogtrain and send each one a comment. There are some comments remaining, however smiley Well, not anymore! Here they are!

@Lizanne: As I think I´ve commented before, your theme, as Irish Christmas, is fantastic! I enjoyed so much the elements I could see in the preview, but unzipping it was really surprising! Thanks for that music sheets! They are great!
@Janet Scott: I like the ornament paper and all the glitter brads, but specialy the one with the hat and the other with a stocking!
@Elizabeth: I couldn´t imagine your kit is so nice just seing the preview! Thanks for sharing, It inspred me to craft some Xmas cards. I am just not sure if I can do them for this year, lol.
@Janet Hull: Your elements are sooooo cute smiley


Cool. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you very much for all these lovely kits smiley

Thank you to all you awesome designers! What a great collection.

ooh...I'm so excited to see what the others will have! smiley

Love the designs, excited to have my oldest home for Christmas finally! We've decorated the tree, and hope to get some great photos to scrap with these wonderful Christmas themed designs! Thanks so Much!

Just wanted to say Thanks to all the designers, including the first timers! Everything looks wonderful! Really getting in the Christmas spirit! Truly needed it right now!

just realized that though I downloaded the parts of this train back at the beginning of the month I forgot to say thank you to everyone! so Thank you...lol... all the parts look fabulous and I look forward to using them, who knows maybe when I'm feeling a bit better I'll try my hand at that challenge Marisa is holding for the Birds in Snow kit/train... thanks again!

Thank you so much for the freebies!!!! smiley