Christmas Freebies!

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Christmas Freebies!

Today all the christmas freebies starts smiley Calenders, daily download and so on smiley And it's so sad to miss the first couple of days 'cause you find it to late.. So how about helping out eachother? smiley

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I edited your subject line to say Christmas Freebies so it would stand out more in the forums! This list is a great idea! Thanks for thinking of it! ~Tina A.

Sounds great! The only one I know about so far is my own:, but perhaps I'll come across some later in the day.

Oh wow, thanks for the list, Jessica! There are a couple on there I didn't have on mine.

I can add 2 designers also doing daily giveaways on their blogs:
Sweet Digi Scraps
Etc by Danyale

Here´s another one smiley

Stuff to scrap calender (haven't been uploaded yet but is coming smiley

Divine Digital has a DAD as well as a 12 Days of Christmas Traditions Around the World that has started.

Designer Digitals has a daily .99 item and 30% off a random assortment of 350 items that change daily

Scrap from France has a daily 1 euro sale.

This one started early and is a bit confusing to me but I'll list it:

hey- found another


The Bobita listing is actually three different people working together so the links will rotate between their blogs:

*Giny: (12 Days of Christmas) (Newsletter 12 Days of Freebies)

Thank you guys so much for assembling these! I only had 3 or 4 of them before I came across this thread.

Here's another one to add to the list: Roadside Designs is giving away an album's worth of template pages, one a day. Links are only good for 24 hours so hurry over!

Thank you ,Jessica for this list

Awesome Violet and Shawna... TY!

Here's 25 Days of Christmas inspiration:

Found another one: It's from RoseMade Designs. You have to "buy" this from her shop at Divine Digital and if you miss any (like days 1 and 2) they are available for sale.

Here are four sets of beautiful PU and CU glittery flowers and snowflakes from Cestrelle which she sent out in her newsletter today.

You girls are amazing! I've just been relying on newsletters to help me get by...

Lizanne- are we amazing or just amazingly frugal? LOL! smiley I am so glad that Jessica started the thread!

OK, this one has absolutely nothing to do with christmas, but it is huge and bright and happy and it just screams: pick me, pick me!

OMG thank you for that link, that kit was amazing smiley

@Melouise: WOW!!! tfs that link... what an awesome kit!

Scrap Takeout is starting a Christmas event which on some days will be a freebie:

wow everytime i think i will post a site someone has... and theres a bunch i didnt catch... so THANKS! that collab was really great. thanks for sharing that one!

That kit is awesome! Thanks for all the links, I almost can't keep up with it all!

This is wonderful, thanks for all the great links!!

Wow, I actually just found two more! Both of these are hosted in the forums at each site so you'll have to register to download but as of right now all links are active so you can easily catch-up!

Such amazing freebies. Thanks for posting all of these sites. I agree...tough to keep up with all of them but so worth it!


DSE are giving away freebies, sign up for the newsletter.

so much awesomeness ... i just might go over my dl limit this month.


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