Re-downloading and "already downloaded" notification

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Re-downloading and "already downloaded" notification

I'm happy to say that I have finally created a system whereby:

  1. You are notified that you have already downloaded an item (when viewing it).
  2. You can re-download items "for free" (without paying DC).
  3. You can upgrade your license to commercial use and pay only the difference in DC (between pu and cu).

This should prevent people losing DC unnecessarily.

The caveat to this announcement is that this new notification/re-downloading system will for now only be available to people who have donated at least $5 to Pixel Scrapper. If you'd like to, you can donate now.

EDIT: the "already downloaded" notification system is available to everyone for now, though re-downloading is still limited to donating users.


Why the need to donate?

This is in no way an attempt to "force" people into donating; rather, it is an attempt to deal with the realities of the system we've created. Marisa and I pay directly for each and every download from this site, and from that perspective it doesn't matter if you've already downloaded something or not: a download is a download, and the DC system is there to help keep downloads in check (so that we don't go bankrupt!).

Why not at least notify people about previous downloads, even if they haven't donated? Well, that's a bit more complicated, but it comes down to the fact that checking whether a user has downloaded an item, when we have tens of thousands of download records, is fairly intensive on the database. The issue is is making this check on every page, for every user. And it's just not realistic. In fact, for quite a while I was thinking that we simply would not be able to have notifications of previously downloaded items at all. But then I realized that we could pull it off if we limited the checks to a smaller group of users... like those who have donated.

So please don't see this as an insult to those who haven't donated, but rather as a bonus for those who have. I hope we give away enough free stuff to everybody who uses this site that nobody feels short-shrifted smiley! I've been over and over the demands on the system, and if I can find a way to make the notifications of previous downloads work for all users, I will jump on it.

As always, feedback is welcome smiley

It makes sense to me - and it works great!

Sounds good to me too. I have accidently "purchased" duplicates more than once so this is a wonderful boon to me!

Marisa and Jordan, I am glad to donate to this fabulous site you have created. It is a wealth of inspiration. Thank you!

Wow! so excited! thank you soooo much. It took 6 pts yesterday to download something before I noticed I had my popup blocker on. Then I found out that I already owned it. lol woo hoo!

LOVE IT smiley Thanks smiley

Makes sense to me. This is great!

JUST noticed it! lovelovelove this feature! Can't tell you how many times I've downloaded something I already have - at least I know what I like! smiley And how cool that you have a window of time to re-download if needed. Very. Cool.

Very cool system. Thank you so much for the hard work. This makes sense to me. Glad to support such a terrific community!

I love this new feature!
All your hard work is really appreciated and you and Marisa have one of the best sites smiley

Wow, thanks Jordan! smiley I was already planning on donating, but now you've given me extra incentive. May have to wait until next paycheck though - things are a bit tight right now. smiley

Thanks Jordan, this is a great help - (if only it could also tell me what I have previously downloaded before the new site smiley )

Thanks Jordan. I noticed the addition when I was on this morning! I love this feature and you have thought of everything when you included upgrading from pu to cu!

great idea & the donation is quite fair for all the great downloads we get. This is a really great site.

LOL @Liz Smith

Jordan, your solutions always amaze me! Thanks for spending so much of your time thinking on it and improoving it. And, of course, it isnt offensive in any way, don´t worry!

Love this addition! Very small price to pay for such a convenient feature. Thank you!

That's so awesome Jordan!!! I totally get why the need to limit it to donators (which i am, whew!) and I will find this so helpful as I was having to go into my download file and check the title to see if I had already downloaded it. HUGE TIME SAVER, so thank you so much for this and ALL you and Marisa do to help this site be the best it can be! smiley

This is so great! What a great improvement!

thanks so much for making the effort to develop this for us

Glad everyone is enjoying this new feature smiley .

After my whole spiel on database resources, I've gone ahead and decided to implement the "previously downloaded" notification system for everyone (though re-downloading is still limited to those who donate). I've looked the situation over yet again, and I think we can manage it for now. I'm going to keep an eye on server resources, and we may have to change this if it puts our server under too much stress, but I want everyone to be able to see previous downloads if at all possible...

This sounds very helpful!

Love this feature. But what i LOVE most of all is the fact that I can re-download for free 4 times until the end of January 1970 smiley


Hm... 1970, huh smiley . Should be 1 month into the future, rather than 40 years into the past...

Is anyone else seeing strange dates in the "download through" message?

Thanks so much that helps still new with this so I love it but even it it dont show up I would redown load it again also
Thanks again

Good idea!

I've seen the january 1970 thing once too, thought it was kinda fun! (it said I downloaded that item on that date, but I wasn't even born yet lol) smiley Haven't noticed it anymore now, so you probably already fixed it?

I think I did fix the 1970 error--so let me know if anyone sees it again!

Funny, a similar type thing happens to me with my already downloaded ones. They say you downloaded this file on Dec 12, 2012...
In my "alternate" reality, it's still Dec 9th, 2012. smiley -- Does this date have something to do with the Mayan calendar. smiley
Here's an example from tonight:

aww, look at that pretty bokeh template smiley
ok, sorry, back to reading other threads...

Thanks for pointing out that little issue Shawna: should be fixed now!

NP - it looks like it has the right day today Jordan smiley

@Brooke: I picked up all three of them... and the pink and purple paper you made from them. smiley thanks!