Word art in different languages

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Word art in different languages

I was amazed to see how international the users of pixelscrapper are (kudos to you Marisa, it´s not often that something has such wide reaching appeal) and thought it might be nice if we could maybe create and share word art in our different languages. Phrases in other langauges can be a lot of fun on scrapbook pages but it is not quite so simple as translating a phrase from your own language to another and I personally have concerns about accuracy when it comes to finding sayings and phrases on the internet. Obviously we would need to add at least some kind of rough translation into english of the word art we create but I just think it would be an awesome way to share with each other a little of our different cultures.

I think that is a cool idea Karen! That would add another interesting area to PixelScrapper!

Karen - That is a fantastic idea!

Great idea! We'll put it on the to do list!

great idea! Like it to learn use foreign languages

You are all right - It is a great idea.
I actually tried it (a little) last Christmas when I made a "Danish Christmas Kit" with word art in Danish. It was very well received. Let's all go for it and share it here to begin with!


This is a class idea...
I does me always difficult with foreign languages and the online translator bring often "funny" translations

It's really a great idea!!

Neat idea!

Great idea!!!

Super idea, I already have a few ideas on how to use this.

I have Spanish and French speakers readily available if anyone needs a specific phrase...

Agreed, i'd also like some generic terms put in other ways. for instance, I cant use "Mom" cos I'm from australia. perhaps we could have variants? "Mum", "Colour", "Centre", etc etc

I like your idea of variants, Jess. smiley Although I live in the US, our extended family uses Mum/Mummy, Nana & Grammy, and Grandpa & Grampy. I rarely see those variants used.

May help anyone with French and why not German (with a friend's help).

Love this idea! If anyone ever wants any of my word art (not that I have all that much) in another language...just let me know the translation. I'd happily create it. smiley

This is a great idea, you all need to keep the word variants coming, I'm writing them down for later ideas:) As for actual foreign phrases, that's a different ball game:) Maybe we need a thread just for people to put there favorite phrases and such from all different countries in different languages and the different translations of it that people could go to for ideas:)

If any of you designers want me to translate something to Brazilian Portuguese to put on your kits, just let me know smiley

Also, I have a list of international characters to put on alphas that myself, Janet Hull and a german friend compiled from Portuguese, Spanish and German. Like ñ for spanish, ç for Portuguese and so on. If you want me to share just ask, and I´ll browse in my files..

copypastecharacter is a great website for getting symbols that you can't remember how to get. They have all the interesting letters, as well as other stuff like bullet points, etc.

Anyone have any suggestions for Peruvian Spanish? I have a goddaughter there, and won't have access to a translator anymore. We hope to start emailing, but I don't think she knows any English...

Great idea. Would love to have some Afrikaans word art.

Hey Friena! Eks bly om nog n Afrikaner te sien!

I am sure that Friena and myself will be more than willing to help anyway we can, where is that translation thread?

I feel so poor when I look at all the amazing word art in English and I have nothing in my own language, so I will definitely help with this any way I can.

Hi, I have translated a few of your word art items into Afrikaans for my personal scrap booking. I would like to share the effort, but since I basically copied your art, I was wondering if you would like to include into your bundles? I expect nothing in return, because like I said its your art that I simply changed. I can mail you one or two. Also, if you look at my profile photo, it was designed using your "Cherished" kit and I translated the word art: :You bring me Joy"

Let me know what you think.