Do you create your own templates?

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Do you create your own templates?

I love creating my own. This is what attracted me to digital scrapbooks. I create a new template almost every day that I can use for designing my own papers and elements/assets.

Do you mean a layout template?
Having no creative bone in my body, I do not. I love using them, though! smiley The closest I come to making a template, is when I find a page that I'd love to scraplift. I take the basic design, and either just start from scratch, or see if I have a template similar to the layout.
If you mean a template for elements.... I have never done that.

I love to make my own party item templates!!
Hats ,Boxes, Water bottle labels...etc!!

Julie: I don't create layout templates because I don't use them, I find them restricting and they frustrate me .... I thinks it's a brain thing. I have to just move things around until I like what I have. I've been designing my own landscape and wall quilts for years so I think that helps with spacial issues ... lots of practice. I know you work in photoshop .... if you see a page you like why not open a new page and use shapes to create a template that is similar, I bet before long you would be making your own.

Tammy: hats and boxes ... that's cool. Do you have a cutting machine you cut them out with or do it by hand?

Yes i have a cricut cutter that i love ..It is so much fun!

Tammy ... I have been trying to decide what I want .... it has to be something that uses svg files or similar so I can create my own pieces for my mixed media work .... either a silhouette or the new brother scan and cut ... I have a cuttlebug now which is okay if I want to use a shape already made for me .. but I want to be free smiley

If i didn't have so much invested in the cricut i would switch to the silhouette. So i guess for now it will work..

I make all kinds of templates for hybrid projects, scrap-booking, and daycare/preschool activities. Wish I had a circuit or silhouette, I would make LOTS more hybrid projects.

I've made a few paper templates so far and plan to make more. I know that I'll be making button templates soon...