What kind of learner are you?

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What kind of learner are you?

Shawna Adkerson said in another topic:

I really love those as I'm a "visual, auditory, & kinesthetic" combined type learner. I have to see it, hear it, & touch it!!! I do a tad better with kinesthetic than the other two, but am at my best when I have at least two sources of learning activated. So the videos are most AWESOME because they allow me to see, hear, & do in PSCS (by imitation)

And you? what kind of learner are you?

I only really understand something by reading it. However, for me, videos don´t work as good as a tutorial with text and pictures...

i definitely learn better by doing something, i find i teach better that way too. for instance i just was making a little tutorial for a friend who wanted to start a blog and was having trouble. it was easier for me to do this by splitting my screen and making a dummy blog and doing a screen shot of each step for her. it was helpful for me too, doing it again.

Detailed written instructions and then practise, practise, practise and more practice.

When I was younger (seems like an eternity ago) you just had to show me once and I would remember what to do, not anymore. smiley

A tutorial with text and pictures... This way I can print it out & practice over and over again until I get it right. It also helps so I can add notes - sometimes little things are left out & I can add that step in so I can refer to it the next time I try to do that.

I understand well by video tutorial smiley

I am a visual learner - I like to "see" something done. Videos work good for me. Second is text and photos.

I learn best with text and pictures and then by following along and then with lots of practice... someone just telling me what to do or even a video just kinda goes in one ear and out the other and I don't fully grasp the topic... following along helps though.

I am also a "visual, auditory, & kinesthetic" learner. At the moment I am working toward my BA and It always makes it easier when the instructor has examples of what they want, so that I understand better what they are talking about. This is one reason why I love tutorial that not only tell you what to do, but offer screen shots of what to do. I also love the videos.

I'm also a visual learner I have learned a lot by watching videos although I also do prefer written tutorials with pictures.

It helps me to understand what I am trying to learn if I can read about it first but I need hands on too...

I learn by doing. i need to be hands on or it won't get through.

Visual- 100%. You can TELL me things about a thousand times... they just don't stick if I can't SEE them.

Pictures and text help me. Slow to get the hang of things, but once I get it, it's there!

This topic caught my eye because I was an elementary school teacher for many years. I really think I'm auditory and visual more than kinesthetic. I love the tutorials with visual steps that I can follow. Have you read about Gardner's Multiple Intelligences? It really takes the idea of learning modalities further-including things like musical and naturalistic. I bet it would show in the kinds of elements people choose for layouts.

@ Maja I'm totally like this too sometimes. I'm more visual than verbal. But I'm also hands on. If you ask me for help know that I will literally show you how to do it and not tell you. smiley

I like looking at videos and tutorials with lots of pictures and little writings.

Although I can learn by videos I have to go back several times to "get it." I do better with tutorials, then hands on anf finally the videos to reinforce.

hi im ann i learn best by pics and text also some things just getting in there and doing so i guess im all 3 lol smiley

Visual - you can tell me a hundred times what to do and I probably won't get it, but show me once and I'm on it like a rat on a Cheeto. smiley

I love tutorials with text and pictures, I find it easier to refer back to. I don't like YouTube .

I am visual also, I actually have to go through the steps to get the hang of it.

I need to do it. Very hands on.

Written instructions for me.

I tend to learn best by watching videos then practising what i have seen until I can do it smiley

It's rare for me to meet auditories so, high five to the couple of folks here.
It's a kind of a handicap, speaking to myself annoys coworkers, and I failed long distance learning courses because it was mostly just reading.

Some things I learn best by doing hands on like fixing cars with my Dad or learning how to repair walls and paint. Most things I learn better by reading and studying. I've got an incredible memory and have a knack for memorizing lots of numbers so I do really well with things like schooling and finances. I'm pretty thankful that I learn best with these two techniques.

I'm a special little bunny.
I have what is known as Non-Verbal Learning Disorder, and it's the opposite of what it sounds like. Depending on who you talk to (such as my doctor) it's considered to be on the Autism spectrum. If you met me in person, you'd probably agree smiley
Basically, I'm great with words, but specifically writing them down. I have poor motor skills, both gross and fine. I also have texture issues. So, movement and hands on are very important to my learning. It takes me a while, but otherwise I won't remember how to do it. I always say there's a way to incorporate a flannel board into a classroom.

I think I learn best with a bit of it all. Tell me about it or let me read about it first, just to get an idea and so I can visualize it. Then watch it being done. Then apply and practice.

I am more a "written" learner. I do like video to reinforce. I worked in the financial community and could not just work directly on the computer monitor with the worksheets would need to print them out to be able to make notes while analyzing.

I like to watch videos on YouTube and then practice, practice,practice.

Mostly I am a visual learner, but hands-on learning works well for me too. Written tutorials with pictures and text are the most helpful I think. I like videos also. If someone tries to tell me how to do something I really won't get it until I've seen it in some form.

Visual/text with pictures works best for me, generally. Videos are interesting, but I have to go back repeatedly and that annoys me. And please don't tell me how to do something, because you're going to have to tell me about a million times, unless I write it down as you're telling me.