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A couple thoughts...

Is it possible that you girls could "shadow" the Photoshop forum tutorials-wise?

Reason I ask is I find myself going over there to see what's available for tutorials, since there seem to be more Photoshop people & resources, and then I find myself wondering.... will that work in PSP? Is it even an option in PSP?

I'd also like to know some of the differences between the two products if possible - like maybe an outline of things that you can only do in Photoshop, but not in PSP...

I was thinking that maybe you could make a sticky thread in here listing the resources that are only available to Photoshop users but not PSP users (because the resources can't be used in PSP - be it styles, Photoshop brushes or what not - I don't know them all). And then maybe you can tell us if there are any work-arounds so we can achieve the same effects as the Photoshop users? (and give a link to a tutorial that tells you how)

For example, I've heard you can't use Photoshop brushes in PSP. But I also recall someone saying that you can convert those brushes (asl files?) & then use those in PSP... 'Course they didn't say how to do that (wish they had) - that would be part of the work-around. smiley

What do you think?

I stink at creating tutorials smiley I have better luck finding them and following along with them, if I find they are easy enough those are the ones I share. I can certainly give the tutorial a shot. Wilma's tutorials are awesome and very informative....I seem to skip a step somewhere.
For now, until I have time to sit down and do one myself, I will link you to places I've found with helpful tips and tricks.

That's okay. And, yes - Wilma does a fantastic job with that. I'm just throwing ideas out there... I know these things would help me, but I'm also thinking of other [baby] PSP users like me. (I say that because I feel I am not very knowledgeable about PSP, but I would like to be!) Maybe that's something Wilma could run with?

I love your idea's Lizanne!
I have a few tutorials for the PSP beginners written in the past, only I have them in Dutch (is's my motherlanguage), so I have to translate them to English.
Some of them are really easy, just to let people show the different tools in PSP, but anything helps right?

I would love to 'translate' some PS tutorials from the PS forum into PSP tutorials, the only thing is that this time of the year, my time is very limited. It's very busy in real life with 3 kids, we are going to celebrate 'Sinterklaas' tomorrow (ít's like you guys celebrate Christmasday) with lotst of presents and all grandparents are sleeping over here. Then we have to prepare for Christmas, so I can't promiss much this month. smiley

No hurry... I completely understand, Wilma - have 2 kids myself. smiley And this is a very busy time of year what with present shopping for family, kids' Christmas parties, last minute papers, tests & what not. Plus spending quality time with your family. smiley

I'm just excited about the prospect of learning more about PSP smiley (esp. the new version my husband installed for me - I am struggling with the differences between XI & X4). Most of the time when I'm trying to find a tutorial all I find are Photoshop ones... So glad you're in here! smiley Sometimes it feels like we PSP users are a rare & nearly extinct breed! LOL

LOL I know what you are talking about, most of the people are using PS. I started for about 10 years ago with PSP and never tried something else smiley

Most PhotoShop brushes can be converted to be usable for PSP using a program called abrVeiwer. I'll see if I can find the link for it. It's a really easy process that converts the brush to a PNG format that you can then export as a custom brush.

Link found : it's http://www.downloadsource.net/7072/ABR-Viewer/

@Jamie: Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought I haven't been able to use abrViewer for a while now, since it won't work in Windows7 or W8 ??? Have they changed it or updated it... Plus I'm pretty sure I'm running 64bit and it only works on 32bit install. Just noting this consideration before people get too excited. I know a few of us talked a little while back about our XP crashing and now we have W7 or W8 and how other thigns were different on it too. smiley

If someone has found a way to make abrViewer work on W7 installed 64bit. I'd love to redownload it. I loved it just because I could see all my brushes that weren't installed. smiley

eta: Not to leave everyone is PSP hanging but this was the solution I was given by others... abrMate Here's the download page. It's free and I believe it pretty much does everything abrViewer did and works in W7. Now I don't know about the 32bit or 64bit as I've not used it myself yet.

It's been working for me on Windows 7 64 bit. I'm not sure if I got an updated version or not, as it's the first version I've ever used. However if abrMate will do the exact same things and works in 7, it sounds like a far better choice, as I do still get the occasional error message, and abrViewer sometimes crashes, though not often.

@Jamie: That's what happened to me... BUT it crashed ALL the time affecting other stuff I had open when it did. smiley I finally had to delete it. smiley
Like I said I haven't personally used abrMate yet. I just was told about it a few days ago. smiley

I never used it, mostly I try to find a tutorial that is the same or try to make the thing in PSP on my own with a tutorial of PS smiley

I am a X5 user, and have started making tutorials over on my website. With X5, you can install and import PS brushes now, still trying to figure out how to use their shapes tho.... Ill have to write a tutorial on importing because I believe with X4 you can also import PS brushes.

Hi Megan, do you have a link of your website?
Allwasys interested in tuts for PSP

@Megan: They work now in X4 & X5?! Ooh, you don't know how happy that makes me! I have X4 & I always see cool things made with Photoshop brushes & sigh that I can't use them too. Please post your website address. smiley

Caffeine Fueled Momma is my site. I am writing the tut on importing files. I am still starting out but always writing something new.

My Youtube video also will be on my site shortly, I will have the PDF file available for download also.

That's great! smiley And thank you for sharing your website address!

@Lizanne I am new to scrapbooking However I am an avid PSP9 user and have a lot of tutorials on my site http://www.doodlesbyladyfox.com/
I have my tutorials and some from friends who have allowed me to post them on my site.