Is anyone here diabetic and willing to talk about eating/lifestyle strategies?

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Is anyone here diabetic and willing to talk about eating/lifestyle strategies?

I have been diagnosed as pre-diabetic and would really like to get it under control before it becomes full blown diabetes. Over the past year I have experienced an increased numbness that started in my feet and is now pretty much all over my body to some degree. My carb cravings are crazy!

Does anyone have any strategies for dealing with this?


My sister is diabetic and has delt with it for almost 20 years. She has to maintain it with diet and insulin.
She recently started taking flack see oil and fish oil to help control different aspects. she has been doing this for about a year now and it seems to be helping her with her blood numbers when she gets it tested.

Hi Molly, I'm pre-diabetic with a family history of diabetes - my mother and half of my siblings are/were on tablets or insulin.
Mine is under control so far, but I know I should be doing more exercise and losing weight.
I don't have any sensation loss yet.
Some days I too crave the carbs, but I found a potato called Carisma that is grown in Tasmania that is low GI so I have a small one often and it seems to help. I also drink lots of water.

Thanks! I knew that flax seed and fish oils were good for you but I didn't realize they helped regulate blood sugar... interesting... perhaps some research is in order... Exercise seems to be key too and I am pretty sedentary... I don't like making new year's resolutions because a year is too long to commit to doing something like changing diet or exercising more so I have just committed to myself that I will be more knowledgable about diabetes and take steps to prevent becoming full blown. I have started adding cinnamon to more foods and I drink mostly water and some tea. Pop is a rarity for me nowadays...

Hi Molly, sorry to hear.
I to was told about 3 years ago. It is under control. My daughter is diabetic, but there is no know history. With more than 20 grandchildren and even more great grandchildren in the family on both my husbands and mine. Our parents, and extended family, there is no known history, but yet she is diabetic with early onset.

The doctor that did the blood work always tries alternatives before prescribing the pills, which I like. She said to take fish oil, cut the carbs and cut the sugars. I also added or continued to take flax seed oil. I also take cranberry tablets. It seems that uti come hand and hand with diabetes. This seems to help to keep it at bay. Yes exercise or taking the dog for a walk does help.

Hi Molly, just saw your post & thought I'd see if I could help. My family has a history of diabetes so I have to be careful myself. Type 2 diabetes is avoidable/controllable/reversible if you take some action early! sorry but that does mean doing some exercise & if like me you collect love handles, that puts you at an increased risk. Lots of fresh vegetables, cut out as much processed foods as you can as to make processed food tasty it means lots of salt & then lots of sugar to balance the salt. Don't worry you can still eat but you need to lower your sugar intake for sure. A friend at work was pre type 2 diabetes due to being very over weight, the health issues associated with diabetes motivated her to lose weight & a year later she has lost 58kgs, she looks amazing, so it's possible. If you want to have an idea about how much sugar is hidden in food, try "The Sweet Poision Quit Plan", an excellent book & it explains lots of things. My dad was diagnosed with diabetes in his mid 40's (now 78) & has managed it through diet, exercise, medication of course. If you'd like to know more, I can always ask him for advice, he also has a nursing back ground & has read a lot.

oh I thought also, use a food diary, it'll give you a really good idea of what you are eating & help you adjust your diet without feeling like you've made crazy drastic changes (it's amazing how you don't realise that over 1 month you've eaten the equivalent of 5 packets of tim tams smiley Instead of a new years resolution (I hate these), how about a monthly one? Challenge yourself with a new exercise each month. Walking 1 month, swimming another, bike riding.

Thanks for the encouragement and advice guys! Lavina, I like your idea of a new month's resolution- a lot. They say it takes 21 days to make a habit and that is fairly close to a month so I probably could do it that way!