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Great layouts guys! Thanks for sharing!

@Lorien: Our cat is totally also named Eowyn. We call her Eo for short. Although for us that is a girl's name, from the Lord of the Rings. If you need help posting images in the forums check this out.

@Brandi, your girls are so so so pretty! They might be a neverending source of inspiration!

@Marisa: 3 of my cats have names due to books that become movies, Éowyn inclulded! She was called Connan, The Barbarian, till the day we discovered she was a she lol. Then we imediately remembered of Éowyn from LotR, because of that part she throws out the helm and say "I am no man". Mostly of the people when we say shes called Éowyn react like "I am no what?" and then we explain.

But, what a coincidence! Éowyn is not a popular name for cats!

That's a great story about her name! I love it!

This is a great idea. I´m sure we all have fun pet stories etc to share... I really wish I had batteries for my camera right now (used them all up on photos of my baby) as my little fox terrier ¨Foxy¨ decided to sit in some jelly we had given her and is now running around with a pink bum.

@Lórien - Thank you. I love the story about your cat's name smiley

@Karen - how old is your baby? boy or girl? Did Foxy get jelly all over the place?

lol, I´d like to have seen it Karen!

oh i love cats.... super jealous of all of you that have them... my husband is allergic smiley

I'm allergic to them, too. Despite this I have cats. Have had them my whole life (only found out I was allergic to them after college, when I went through allergy testing). I've found I'm allergic to some breeds of cats more than others. For some reason I don't have a reaction to siamese cats, so I've had several siamese cats over the years (raising them up from kittenhood). Right now I have 2 brothers that are almost 4 y.o. - a blue point & a chocolate point. I took them when they were age 2 from a family who's little kids terrorized them and they were scared not only of kids but people in general. It's taken a lot of time, but they are not as afraid now & have become very affectionate with my family. I used to have a labrador retriever, too. Would love another one, but I don't know that the cats would take to that too kindly so I've put off that thought.

@lizanne: Have you read the "Cat Who" books by Lillian Jackson Braun? They're about 2 Siamese cats who solve mysteries. Haha! Great fun.

Geri, your quote

My tongue is old and stiff like me.
had me in stitches. smiley smiley

@marisa - I haven't, but now you've got my interest piqued! I love a good mystery here & there (though my favorite genre is sci fi/fantasy - things by Tolkein & Terry Brooks, for instance).

@Marisa - I will have to take a look at those books. Mysteries (and mindless "women's fiction") are my favorite type of books.

There are lots of books in the series, maybe like 30 or so? I think they all stand alone pretty well, so you don't have to worry too much about starting at the beginning. I prefer the later ones anyway.

We rescued both our dogs. Both Chihuahuas Buddy the male was dropped off at the pound in the middle of the night. We happened to go there the next day and saw him. He was to replace our 15 year old border collie who had been gone for almost 6 years.

We took in Rosie a couple of months later who was left in a friends garage by her owner. His parents brought her back home to find her a home. They already had 3 dogs, so they did not want to keep her. So our daughter brought her home to see if she would get along with Buddy.

They do great together.