Add "software used" to profile settings [in process]

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Add "software used" to profile settings [in process]

Just filled in my profile and have a couple of thoughts. As a new scrapper I know I am going to be asking for help - would it be a good idea to have a section where you can state what system etc that you use.

e.g. Mine would be: Windows 7, PSE10, Serif CraftArtist 1.

I think this would help save time - also stop people from getting fed up with having to ask the same questions, which might put them off from helping.

Excellent idea! We'll work on setting that up.

Oh, I like that idea too Mary. I use PSE 9.0 myself

That's a great idea... I use PSP Pro Photo XI ... just bought X4, but haven't tried it yet (admit I'm a little scared, as they may have changed things so much that I have to learn things all over again).

That is a great idea. I use PSE 9 also but am thinking about upgrading to either PS or PSE 10.

I also use PSP XI. I haven't upgraded to the next one yet, I don't think I need to just yet. It's nice to know I'm not the only one using this program.

Great idea Mary: I've created a feedback thread for this.

Great Idea!!!
I use PSP X and photoshop CS3.
And i hate upgrading whole

Ooh, 3 people that use PSP - you don't know how excited that makes me! I rarely run into people that use it (seems everyone uses Photoshop), and sometimes have questions...

Lol, I've tried Photoshop but it didn't like me. It took me a couple years (and lots of tutorials) to get the hang of PSP. Now I can do just about everything. There are a few things I'd still like to learn but not in any hurry, there are so many work-arounds.

Love the idea, I am new to it as well. I use Photoshop CS6

@Caryn Love - how do you like CS6? I did the beta trial but haven't decided whether or not to upgrade from PSE9.

Great idea, using PSE 8 right now; however, have purchased PSE 10, just haven't installed it yet. Also use Scrapbook Max and would love to see a section for questions, hints etc for all of the programs we use. Then, the separate threads for the type of help we need within those programs.

Great idea... I used PSP X4, PS CS5/CS6 (I'm learning using both) I have the PSE but I never used it and I'll try use the illustrator soon... smiley

Nice! thats a great idea. I use CS6 and Lightroom

@Brandi - it is not bad, I had CS5 so there isn't a major change (that I can notice)

What about ArtRage? Do we have many people using that?

This would be great! I was just in another gallery and one of the tags was which program do you use. I thought that could be very helpful, especially if the PM feature would be implemented.

I use Corel Photo Paint X3, it also is an excellent choice for ones who want a whole suite of tools but cannot afford Adobe PhotoShop, the suite comes with a full draw program plus the paint program and lots of other goodies and you can use a lot of photoshop filters etc.