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Requested Overlays

I just love all your overlays Marisa. Am wondering if you could make a text one that has kitchen (baking) type text on it? Maybe some vintage kitchen patterns?? That'd be so awesome. I'm having a hard time finding those. smiley

I have a little mini tag kit that will be a freebie in the 30 Days of Christmas (on the 25th actually), so perhaps I could make a few papers to match and make it a full mini kit.

Are you on a time crunch? I will definitely put it on my to do, although I'm not sure when I'll get to it...

Oh i second that smiley It's hard to find beautiful kitchen/baking kit... I always find them to be very much cupecakes or pie smiley And since that's not as usual here in sweden as in the states i don't find them very useful smiley

Here, here, Jessica! My daughter and I love baking cookies and apple-pies, but she dislikes cupcakes... so most of those adorable kitchen-kits aren't suited for our baking-adventures.

Yeah o would love a kit with stuff that everybody? use smiley Like kitchen aids (i think it called)

Maybe we should have a kitchen-baking-no-cupcake blog train? smiley I'm in!

Palette suggestions for a blog train?

LOL, sounds like a great idea Tina!

EDIT: I Haven´t seen Marisa´s post before answering! What about black-red-brown-green-gold-silver?

If you go for the suggested retro-vintage type kitchen kit I would include browns and oranges, maybe with some minty green... Those were the colors in my grandparents kitchen, so it must be retro smiley

How about something like this? smiley It's very vintage and a lot of different colors smiley



I'm diggin' the retro '50s palette.

I love the middle vintage floral fabric palette you created Jessica!

Oh oh just to clarify i googled them smiley So they are not mine smiley But i like them all smiley The one in the middle is a little favorite too smiley

Just an FYI, I just saw this cute kit from Sahlin Studio with a retro kitchen feel:

My vote is on the flowery-one too! And I saw Sahlin Studio's kit; it's adorable...

edit: look what I just found!! Talk about your everyday kitchen appliances smiley

@Melouise: THANKS!!! I love that black background with the utensils... and the stitching with the quilted looking-pieces of fabric is to die for. smiley tfs!

@Marisa: Sahlin's little gingerbread cookie cutter is adorable!!!

I ran across a facebook fan who dropped by my page who had an adorable kit called 'Grandma's Cookbook' as her profile picture. Here's the link to where she got it.
Grandma's Cookbook

I always drool over Krista's stuff - she's good, that's for sure!

I've been planning on doing a kitchen kit for a while so I say let's do it! I agree with the others, the middle color palette is the best. Also I've Krista's kitchen kit for years and I use it for almost everything. I LOVE it!

I'm going to lock this thread. Any discussion about the Feb Blog Train can be done here:

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