Downloaded Template unable to recolour

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Downloaded Template unable to recolour

Great site! So happy to have stumbled across it.

I downloaded paper_flower14 (psd) and when I open it the flower is already coloured = all layers are in tact but I can't recolour the layers. Should the downloads be grayscale on transparent background? Am I missing something simple? I've had a peruse of the tutorials but they relate to grey scale stuff. Many thanks.

Edit to add - the template I downloaded and am having issues with is marisa-lerin_1931_paper-flower-21_pu.7z

This template can be easily recolored by "locking" the 2 colored layers and filling with whatever color you'd like. Basically:

Select the bottom layer and click on the "lock" icon. Then fill the layer with any color.

The top layer is already locked, so you can just go ahead and fill it with your paint can.

Thanks Marisa - you are so patient!