Keeping track of Downloads

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Keeping track of Downloads

There has been much discussion about the downloads and downloading duplicates. Here are a couple of ideas to help.

Using Windows Explore or better known to many Windows file system.
Hopefully everyone is downloading all of their goodies to the same folder. This folder may contain many sub folders that you may be sorting your items to, but overall they are all in the same place and folder. It is hard to remember what has been downloaded, so let Windows Explore do the work for you.

The top right hand corner is the search box. If you go to the folder first. This will cut down on the search time. Now just use the key words such as pattern 30, tag 50, etc. and enter it into the search box. When you view an item on the web page Marisa has it nicely labeled. Use the first couple of words, PD 20, or? It just takes a few secs and you see everything that contains those key words. It will also look in the sub folders.

If you have Windows Explorer set up to preview, click on the item and see if they match. This way you know if you have the file or not.

If you are not sure how to get to Windows Explorer:

  • You can right click on the start button and select Windows Explorer from the menu
  • You can click on the folder if it is pinned to the task bar
  • You can view your download history if it is there and right click on an item downloaded from PixelScrapper and select open
the folder. This will open Windows Explorer.

Does anyone else have ways they keep track of what they downloaded?

Happy Downloading

I just keep checking, since they're named and numbers, etc. Using windows explorer wouldn't work for me, because I don't have a windows computer, but I could do something similar on my computer. Just takes extra time to double check all the time ...

Someone else on the forums suggested this, and I stole the idea: "heart" the things you want to download, comment on the ones you actually have! Just a little "thank you" or what you like about it. Then I can see right on the page whether or not I've downloaded.

Of course, another option is to donate if you have the ability to, and the asset will tell you itself!

@Phillippa: That was me and my make shift idea... smiley

@Judy: I use Windows and do keep everything in the PixelScrapper folder on my computer by asset specific. Ie: overlays, templates, cutouts, masks, etc...

But, even with both of those in place, I still screw up and download dups all the time. Well, I don't actually download them because once it has the (1) at the end of the file name, I know... opppps I already have it. smiley

I will be able to donate some day in the future hopefully, but financially other things are taking precedence over my scrapping and hobbies right now. smiley

And don't forget that Jordan has the new tracking system for people who have donated.

@Marisa: Did you mean people who have "donated"... because if it's for anyone who "downloaded" the option is NOT working for me. Just in the last two days I've downloaded at least three duplicates... smiley I understood that particular post from Jordan to mean the already downloaded notification is only for those who donated due to the systems limitations.

Yes, Shawna, I did mean donated. Thanks for catching that. Sorry if I got your hopes up!

@Shawna, oh good, I'm glad you saw this & could give yourself credit! I just could not remember!

I guess I should add that as soon as the page loads, I hit ctrl+f and just put the first part of my name in, and if the search bar shows 1 of 1, I haven't downloaded. If it shows 2 hits, then I know I've downloaded it & I don't even have to scroll down.

@Lady Phillipa: Great tip!!!

@Marisa: LoL and then I see tonight that Jordan went and changed it... for us to see them too, just NOT re-download. FANTASTIC!!! smiley

Yep, everyone can now see if they've already downloaded something smiley

Yay, I just noticed that!!! Thank you!