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Hi Jordan,

I accidentally tried downloading 4 items I'd already downloaded (but forgot I had) from the Birds In Snow kit... The system took the points away but didn't give them back, and I thought you said you were making it so that items could be re-downloaded & it wouldn't affect your DC credits... Would you mind crediting back those 4 DC credits? Thanks in advance for your reply...

Sorry for the loss of credits Lizanne. Regarding the system you mention, yes, I had said something about that, but I'm working on about 100 things at once these days, and it's a bit hard to prioritize smiley. I'm pleased to say that I have just implemented the re-downloading system (see this update).

I have also given you some more DC to make up for your losses smiley

Thanks so much, Jordan! I know you must be so busy... We girls seem to have a lot of requests, eh? smiley Give a hi to Marisa for me. smiley

I did this very thing the last couple days... and that's with my comments and hearts on them... smiley i even seem to be able to find duplicate uploads and download them twice... LoL

Same here, Shawna - same here... smiley This time of the year I tend to get very overwhelmed with school stuff (all the boys' activities, sports teams & events, tests, preparing for finals, school & youth group Christmas parties, etc.), not to mention preparing for Christmas (decorating, shopping & such - I'm not one of those people that likes to shop, so it's hard on me), so I can get very forgetful...

Dang, I just did it again! (d/l a paper I already downloaded) I don't want to miss any of the pieces of the Birds in Snow kit & I keep making this mistake. Uggh smiley

Okay @Shawna, @Lizanne: after my whole spiel on database resources, I've gone ahead and decided to try and implement the "previously downloaded" notification system for everyone (though re-downloading is still limited to those who donate). I've looked the situation over yet again, and I think we can manage it for now. I'm going to keep an eye on server resources, and we may have to change this if it puts our server under too much stress, but I want everyone to be able to see previous downloads if at all possible... smiley

Oh... this will be great for me... and many others I'm sure. At the very least it will stop the duplicates, and I can appreciate us not being able to redownload them. smiley TY TY TY!!!

Thanks, Jordan - that's very kind of you. Though I don't want this to be a burden on you guys either. After the Christmas season is over maybe I won't be so forgetful. Just so much going on right now...