Amazing Christmas deals :)

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Amazing Christmas deals :)

I just had to share this with you all ´cause it's bloddy amazing smiley

I saw that as well today and thought it was amazing!

Ooooh.... thanks for posting this! Hey and don't forget to purchase the Featured Presentation Pass too!

I checked out the site and love the stuff. By chance do you know where to find the TOU of their items? I couldn't find the info on the website.

It's because there is so many manifactors (spelling) that has come together and done it so there isn't just one you smiley I can check a few to te what they say smiley

What i could see it seems to be S4H friendly smiley

Holy Cannoli - I just ordered it and it is like 30 individual downloads! Yikes. The one that is downloading right now says 22 minutes left. I wonder if I have something wrong... My email said the download URLs are only valid for 168 hours. I think it will take me that long to download everything!

Fingers crossed that it's s4h...what a deal!

Hints up when you unzip i found atleast 2 alpha in the tou files so you don't miss them smiley

Great kits and I had already bought them. It does take some time to download and I organize in folders (papers, elements, templates, word art and tous) so that takes a bit of time too. It was a bit like getting a mega blog train!

Bookmark MSA because many times they give you designer spotlight kits for free.

Thanks for pointing out the site - I purchased the featured kit and am in the major process of downloading, as well! YIKES. But what a great opportunity to study other designs, and learn from them.

Wow, beautiful designs. Thanks for sharing.