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I don't understand how the website goes. How do I add pictures to the templates?

When I tried to download an element, I got an error message both times that I tried. Here is what I get:

You just had a point deducted and now have 10 points in the community Points category
You just had 2 points deducted and now have 8 points in the Community Points category
You just has a point deducted and now have 7 points in the Community Points category
The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again.

I am having problems. Just found your site and love the freebies, but I click on one color and the one that downloads is different. For example I downloaded gray with with white polka dots but it ended up blue and orange. Not sure what the problem is...

@nickie_baby69: Please provide a bit more info. Not sure what you are asking.

@Sunny Faith: Sorry for the errors. Checked your points history, and see no evidence of points being deducted from your profile. Do you get this message for every item you try to download, or just some, or just one item?

@jk_dinning: Please include a link to the specific item you are referring to.

Logged in for first time today & it says I have '0' DC... Is there a glitch with the system right now?

The main page login is not working. I came here to log in. It has been over an hour. smiley Also, I just got plaid 1 and the template is locked. I can not open it in PSE8 or 11.

Just logged in a few minutes ago (1:50-ish am) and now I have 7 DC...
Did the downloads... Does that mean I lost a day of download credits?
Because, as I posted earlier this evening, it showed I had zero when
I logged in sometime after 8 pm... Would be helpful to know when the
download credits re-set so I know when to d/l. I don't want to be staying
up this late in the future...

@Shuckclod: Thanks, I think the login should be working again.

@lizanne: The download credits get reset once every 24 hours (between midnight and 5am GMT). Regardless of when this is for your timezone, you don't have to "stay up late": if the credits get replenished late at night, just wait and use them the next day/morning, and then you'll have more again the next day/morning, etc.

@ Jordan - I get the error each time I try, and can't download anything. Thanks for your response. I haven't tried again today.........I'll check it out! (Using IE and a PC)

Still being charged double for a download. Also, do you only get your daily points if you visit the site? Points have not been accruing. I also did not receive the 20 points you mentioned in your email.

Just updated my profile. When I was done your site said I had 18 points. But up on the header it still says one point.

@Jordan - Hey - All works fine now for me - switched to Firefox browser, and was successful in downloading an element. (Should have tried that before I wrote my original post......Sorry!)

Marisa, new to the site but loving it so far! It seems like you have put alot of thought into it and have devised a creative way of fairly allowing free downloads of your awesome digi products while also encouraging forum involvement/donations for a chance to earn more products. Thanks and keep up the good work!

@Karla: Community Points and Download Credits (DC) are two different things... you lose DC when you download something, but they get replenished every day depending on how many community points you have.

Please see the support pages for Community Points and Download Credits.

The site looks great. Still running smoothly for me.

Re:Sunny Faith's comments above...
I have always used IE and never had a problem. Since the new site, I have not been able to log in, browse or download anything. I have installed Google Chrome and the site works perfectly. I only chose that browser because it's what came to mind at that moment. So if you are having problems as Sunny Faith and I have, try using a different browser and see if that solves the problem (at least for the time being).

Mozilla Firefox works great on this site, too (it's my default browser)

I have special mean feelings towards IE from the times when I used to code sites to work in IE6, but I suppose we should look into having the site work there smiley Thanks for pointing it out!

I'm not sure why the site is not working in Internet Explorer for some people... I have tested logging in and downloading on IE 7, 8, and 9, all of which worked successfully for me.

But yes, if you are getting weird error messages, or something isn't working, I would recommend trying a different browser. Sometimes a setting gets unintentionally set in a browser that makes things stop working.

My top recommendation would be Google Chrome, as it has the fastest javascript interpreter, but Firefox should also work fine.

Hi Marissa,

When I tried to update my account (change password only) I got this message. Caps lock was off.

Please use regular capitalization for your name, rather than ALL CAPS.
Please use regular capitalization for your name, rather than ALL CAPS.

Cecilia: thanks for letting us know. The problem should be fixed.

I'm closing this thread, as it's gotten a little out of control. Future support requests should be posted in their own threads.


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