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Download Credit Number Crunching

I recently made a support donation and got the excellent benefits thereof, including 12 DC each day. However, since then my DC's per day have only been 10 instead of 12. I thought maybe it was my imagination and basic stinkage at math but I checked and double checked the last two days and I'm only getting 10. Help? Did I do something wrong?

I think you might have mixed up supporter and moderator smiley When you donate you only get the usual DC and it's maximum of 10 dc/day... When you are a moderatior you get 12dc/day

Ah, perhaps I did! I saw the little 12 next to my name and thought that was DC but as I hover over it it looks like that's just the year. Thanks, that clears that one up. If I had time enough to moderate and still be able to get some sleep now and again I'd probably do it. Maybe when I get all the kiddies in school full time. smiley
Thanks, Jessica

What Jessica said smiley . Donating gets you a fixed amount of download credits, whereas how many free DC you get per day is always based on your community points... with more for moderators.

And thanks for donating Kristen--much appreciated!