Ability to add items to wishlist for later download [needs more votes]

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Ya I vote for a Wishlist button too. There's so many amazin things here to download

Yes Yes Yes! There was an alpha I wanted to download on the opening page a few days ago. The site was down. Yesterday I couldn't find the alpha even using the search function (maybe it was part of a kit). Anyhow, if I could have added it to a wishlist that day that I loved it and had used up my quota already, I would not have lost it. A wishlist, if not too hard (I'm not a techie!) to put in place, would be wonderful!

I too started to use the 'heart' to make a wishlist!
WOW! Looks like Jordan has enough to keep him busy for the next decade! LOL!
Thanks to everyone for making this a great, happy, helpful forum to come to! ((Hugs)) smiley

great idea i would love to have a wishlist as well

I agree, if you are using the heart to track popularity, that is a little different then tagging items you want to look at more closely later or download later. I'd go for a "wish list". I do love that you can personalize your experience with these options!

great idea. i was pretty frustrated before i went to unlimited. used to bookmark everything

I would definitely use a Wishlist if you had one! So, yes, please!

Wishlist function would be great.

I'd love a wishlist! Right now I use bookmarks, but man this list is looooong. smiley

A shopping cart would be great but I would like to be able to put in my wish list and save for when I can get my credits to grow lol

I like the idea of a wish list but for now I am using the smiley likes button as a way to keep track of what I want. I would like it to show also if I have downloaded the item sounds great. Thanks for listening.

Love the idea of a Wishlist..