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DC daily reset

Hello! I've been a happy user for a little while now, after discovering PS via someone's blog. I've noticed that for the last several days, my DC's have remained at 0 & not resetting daily on a regular basis. For the last 4 days, it's only reset to 6 twice. Kinda weird, but I cannot complain much since they are free to begin with. Is it something I'm doing wrong?

Thank you for the generous opportunity for a newbie like me to get freebie "templates" so i can try my hand at designing w/my new PSE11 (which I'm still trying to learn, having no experience with this sort of software)

Hi Gigi, thanks for posting. You aren't doing anything wrong: your DC should be reset every day. Realize though, that they do not necessarily reset overnight, but may reset sometime during the day... also that they do not necessarily reset at exactly the same time every day. Are you certain that you have waited for more than, say, 26 hours, and still gotten no DC?

P.S. If you could take a look at our profile expectations, and upload a picture of yourself, that would be great: gives a bit more incentive to help someone when they look like a real person smiley

thank you Jordan for the answer.

fyi, I'm kinda private, hence the pink bow for my profile picture.... ok....i've uploaded a new profile pic wearing huge sunglasses!