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Offsite linking

In one of the other threads I was asked whether I had some good tips on saving layouts for gallery use etc.

I found a great tutorial with downloadable actions (all free), on another scrap-store's site, but I'm not sure whether I'm allowed to link to another store's website here. Thought I'd rather double check before getting in trouble. The website I'm talking about is the tutorial section of Sweetshoppe Designs.

Sula: It is ok to post off site linking to tutorials, gifts, and other things the digital community is willing to help others with. That is why Marisa and Jordan created this place for there to be a place we could find everything we needed. smiley

I would say if it's specific tutorials for PhotoShop to post here in the PS & Elements forum.
If not software specific to post it here in the Digital Scrapbooking Discussion for all users to see.

Thanks for your eagerness to help others know and learn how to do things! smiley

What Shawna said smiley

That's good to know! Thanks guys. I really do respect each site's policies, and so I want to make sure I double check before doing something that would cause trouble!