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Liking A Comment

I thought there was a "things you'd like to see on the site" thread somewhere but I can't seem to find it --

Anyway, I think it would be nice to be able to "like" a comment or heart it or something like that in the forums. A lot of time, I like a comment or want to give a nod of agreement but don't really have anything to add to the conversation.

I like this idea too


Doesn't the heart emoticon work here ? smiley

Haha, guess not!

How FUNNY Christina!!! I had the exact same thought last night... like when someone's already said pretty much exactly what you were thinking... You could just do a "Thumbs Up" to their post maybe. I think we've all become accustomed to "liking" things in FB, uhhh? smiley

I agree that it would be fun to "heart" comments. I like that you can "heart" layouts in the gallery.

Does all this mean that you have actually found something - forum or download - that you WOULDN'T "heart"...?



I've put hearting/liking forum posts on my to do list. Hearting comments is a trickier situation, but something I would consider implementing if enough people want it...

I think it's a great idea too. smiley The only downside it you don't gain community points for clicking a button smiley

I think it's a fantastic idea... not for points necessarily, but just to tell the people that posted, "Hey I agree or really like what you said". Kind of like we do on a post on our facebook pages. Our friends and families don't, well shouldn't smiley get their feelings hurt if we don't like every comment they post.
But sometimes, here in the forums... you don't really have anything extra to say but just that your in agreement or like what they expressed about themselves. I don't think points should be earned for this type of thing... It's just another simple way for the users to build camaraderie between ourselves here on the site.

Moving to the new feature request forum.

I think this sounds like a great idea too, but that could just be the facebooker talking...

I have often wanted to agree with a comment under a picture - would love to be able to "like" it or "agree" or some equivalent. I'd even like to be able to do this with a posting, while not necessarily comment myself...such as "posting up" (but that could just be the YouTube talking...) smiley
And I wouldn't want this associated with points...not EVERYTHING has to be about points.

I have seen this post before, but I was reading "linking" and not "liking" so I didn´t read all the tread smiley
Well, I totally agree with the ladies: It would be great to just like a post, as i sometimes post just to say that I enjoyed something without having noting else to comment, and others I think on doing that but don´t do because I think I´ll just "pollute" the forum and that is not fair earning points for pointless posts.

EDIT: On time, I MUST agree with Trine: The users here are so amazing and helpful that there´re lots of things to like smiley

I was just reading Marisa explanation of why we need to add our names and photos, and how that will make this a more friendly community - and said to myself, "Where is the LIKE button?" Are we all hooked on social media or what? lol But really it would be nice to be able to LIKE or HEART things we support or agree with even if we have nothing else to contribute. I am sure it would be helpful to the poster whose message we are reading to know someone agrees.

smiley 'ing Connie's post smiley smiley

I think this is a great idea and could certainly see myself using this feature, if it were available.

Great Idea, ditto-ing so many of the things listed above, including that it shouldn't get points....

but would like to add some more work for Jordan...Is there anyway that it would also be used to streamline the comments in a thread if so desired: ie that we could click to see just the comments in a thread listed by the amount of thumbs up that were received.
I know it'd be A LOT more work, Jordan, but My thoughts on this are for new users to come in and be able to quickly view some of the best ideas in a certain thread that maybe several months back. Like tips on designing, what softwares we like...etc.
When searching the forums is available, that would take some of the need for the ranking by thumbs-up away, but as in the case above, it would still be a NICE feature.

PS...Jordan, sorry for the amount of programming work this could take, but my mind just goes there as I worked "with" a group of programmers while I was putting my hubby through Post-Graduate work over 25 yr ago.

smiley this idea

bump to top... so people will see this has already been answered... smiley

BUMP. This is driving me nuts that I can't like funny things people say. Oh, FB habits are hard to break...