Evenly Spacing Elements

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Thanks again Marisa. I thought there was something wrong with my photoshop. smiley

This is really needful.thank you!

I'm still having a little trouble getting mine to work right, but this has been most helpful!

I still get confused on what each one does and usually chose the wrong one to begin with. The "undo" button gets USED a lot by me, thank goodness for the UNDO button!

cool! Thanks!

Thank you. So simple, yet so powerful.

Good to know thank you very much.

This was one of the first few 'tricks' I learned when I started using PSE smiley It's so easy to make thinks line up.

thank u

thank u

loving your tuts...they are such time savers!!

How in the world did I not know about these buttons before?! smiley Thank you!!!