How to delete an image from the gallery? [fixed]

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How to delete an image from the gallery? [fixed]

I just uploaded a layout to the gallery. When it was uploading, it showed a message that the file couldn't be found. So before I hit submit (to upload that page), I clicked on the remove button to remove the image, and repeat the upload, assuming I was still working with the same layout file that had had the problem uploading. When I checked out the gallery just now, I realized the image that was giving me trouble is now uploaded twice in the gallery (which wasn't at all my intention). So, I opened the image file to edit it, but when I clicked the remove button (to delete the duplicate) and then hit submit it keeps telling me I need to upload an image. But I don't want to upload an image, I simply want to remove the duplicate from the gallery by deleting it.

Do I have any options? Or do I have to upload a different image instead and change the credit info (so as to upload a completely different layout)?

Sorry for the trouble ... I didn't mean to upload a duplicate ...

Hi Sula, thanks for asking. Actually, I forgot to allow users to delete their own layouts--oops!

Anyway, there is now a "delete" button at the bottom of the page next to the submit button, when you are editing a layout (it will ask for confirmation before deleting, so you don't have to worry too much about pressing it):

I've gone ahead and deleted your duplicate for you. And don't apologize: the blame is all mine!

Thanks Jordan, you're just awesome! I appreciate all you do! And so fast, too!

He's like a ninja too!

smiley So happy you did this, Jordan... smiley The other day, when I told you I re-sized my layouts from 600x600 to 700x700 so I could upload them to the gallery, I realized I had messed up royally - my program was set to "percent" rather than "pixels" when I was re-sizing smiley and I didn't catch that until I'd uploaded maybe 5 or so... So I went in and re-sized the files all over again, went into Edit in here, deleted the image & then uploaded the newer 700x700... Phew! So glad that option was there & that I caught that...

Glad it's working smiley.

Note that you can delete the layout image and upload another image without actually deleting the layout itself.

The "Remove" button next to the image just removes the image and allows you to upload a new image:

While the "delete" button on the bottom of the layout actually deletes the layout completely (tags, description, etc.) so that it is gone forever:

Oh, my bad - I think I did what you described, because all the tags, description, etc. were still there. Anyhow, it's great - tyvm!

Ya, the remove button is great for when you discover a glitch on your page, and just need to upload the correct one without deleting it all. I've done that in the past: working with a template, and realizing I'd left something from the template itself on the page.
Or when I discover a major spelling mistake. Then it's good to have that feature of not losing all the views and comments, but switch out the image with the edited version.