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Saving templates

I wanted to ask anyone here that designs templates. When saving the template png's is there a way to save all the different parts of the template (ie, elements, paper strips etc) that are all PNG's in one single swoop????

In Photoshop if you go to File->Scripts->Export Layers to File it will do what you are asking. However, Photoshop's default is to save as 72 DPI, so you either have to go back and convert them or you can change the script.

Okay thanks. I found a script for free that works and keeps them in 300dpi

Kiana, can you share the url for the script please? Just now I realised that photoshop one saves at 72...

Lorien: I have a link in my first comment:

Thank you for the information ladies, I really needed this smiley

Thanks Marisa and Kiana - Need to check and, redo some of my templates pngs smiley

You both are welcome smiley

Yes this is great info!! I've been designing for more than 6 years and never utiized this feature of photoshop. Thank you!!

thanks for the info

I fail to understand this link to download the file you need to do next?

I have already given therebyaqui

hi i need to know if there is a tut out there to take an element already made and make it into a template to reuse over again in both psp 10 and ps 14? thank u.joyce

hi ty i watched the video it should help me i hope,i have a few questions about styles if some one can help me pls im kinda new to ps i use adobe photoshop cc 14 64 bit i also use paintshop pro 10 but i love styles lol ok i have loads of styles do u have to load all styles u want to use i dont want to bog down ps cause take loads of time to load program etc i know cause in psp u can point to a folder and use the assets with out loading in psp and bogging it down so much i have 100's of styles.shapes and brushes as well as pat files if not 1000's can some one help me pls? if so thank u so much. smiley

hi thank u so much. will do that