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Newsletter Freebies!

As y'all may have figured out about me, I love freebies - but I don't necessarily like to work to hard to find them, which is why when I find a digital designer I really like, I subscribe to her newsletter. Most designers will put a special newsletter-only freebie in as well as links to past freebies you may have missed on their FB page ~ that way the freebies come to me instead of me having to go look for them! If you haven't already, be sure to sign up for the PixelScrapper newsletter! It's a thing of beauty to behold.

Tip of the Day: One thing I do to keep my in box from getting crazy crowded and disorganized what with all those newsy newsletters, is I set up a separate email account for newsletters and that kind of stuff. That way, all the newsletters come to one place and don't get mixed up with my personal emails. And I only have to check that email once a week or so and can quickly delete the email after I've read it.

Happy Digital Scrapbooking Day! Hope you are having a fantabulous Saturday!

GREAT organizing tip.......I'm setting this up this way right now!

Thanks Tina! I like my newsletter too smiley.

If you use gmail (and perhaps others as well) you can set up filters to do lots of things. I have my newsletters bypass my inbox and go right to a special folder, which I can then check when I want.

Here's Google's help for setting up filters:
Also, here's the link for my newsletter if you need that:

@Marisa - I did not know that about the email filters. Thanks for the tip!

I've been using an email filter for a while, too, but services like Mail Chimp & what not have been messing that up for me - they use a different address all the time, so stuff is not being directed to my newsletters folder and then my Inbox is all clogged up. Very frustrating & haven't figured a work-around for this yet. I tend to get a lot of email & I like separating stuff so I can concentrate on one subject at a time. One of my idiosyncrasies, I guess.

Another "freebie" organizing thing I do is using interest lists in FB. I have one interest list for Scrapbooking only, so I check that several times a day to see what's new.

This whole upset about FB charging people to promote their posts is a bummer but irrelevant to me because the only things I keep in my regular newsfeed are just friends and family -- all other stuff like Photography, Scrapbooking, Crossfit, Home Design, Cooking have their own feed. Much tidier that way!

@Lizanne: Mailchimp just sends the newsletter from whatever email the user puts in. So this can make it tricky to filter, in my case I've had actual emails from designers whose newsletters I get so they get filtered into the newsletter folder. I think my newsletter probably does this too. I'll maybe think about changing that. You can also add words to the filter, on top of the email address, so maybe adding the word "newsletter" to the filter might help somewhat.

I recently learned about interest groups on Facebook, and they are quite useful! I read this great tutorial on making Facebook useful, I would recommend it! It shows how to make interest lists, among other things.

omg Tina!! I did the same thing! my "official" email is [email protected] but my scrap email is [email protected]... lol! all my scrap stuff goes to that b/c i started missing out with all the newsletters!

FWIW, I found this website that updates daily on good freebies... i think it's how i found out about Pixel Scrapper!

@jaclyn I stalk quality digiscrap freebies. sometimes her links are expired (because designers will offer something for free for a short time, hence, the stalking) but I've gotten tons of really cool stuff from her posts.

I want to reiterate the good tip about the FB interest lists. It's nice to keep all the digi supplies in one place. For a long time, I resisted "liking" designers on FB for that reason -- I didn't want it to overtake my feed. But having the interest lists helps a LOT.

Phillippa: I do like the new interest thing idea. Can you create different ones... like Photography, Scrapping, Others??? or do they all have to go to one interests category? Would you mind sharing a little about how the interests thing works? Maybe a mini tutorial for us new to the idea... smiley

These tips are great. Thanks!

When I got into digi scrapping I set up a FB account with my aol email and then I kept my email from my internet provider separate. It works quite well!

Just be careful, you could be breaking the TOS for facebook by having two accounts smiley

@Liz what is the fb TOS... What about all of these designers that have accounts for their name personally and then for their business? This isn't ok?

Facebook is very confusing when it comes to having multiple accounts and to find answers is very hard.
A warning message some people have rec'd and Facebook help centre
Not sure about businesses, I tried to set up a community group page but was lost and frustrated that I could not find the exact answers I was looking for about it.

i'm going to have to use those filters for my subscriptions in gmail. my inbox is getting to be such that i miss personal emails! thanks for the tip!

@Liz: Interesting info... thanks for sharing it! I wonder how this will work in a house like mine and many others there are several people in the household using different accounts... I mean it's all under the same IP address, maybe they search by emails... but the article did mention fake names, it'll be interesting to see what comes of it. I do sincerely appreciate their concern for constantly trying to make it a safe place for people but I don't know how they would ever figure out if some predator was really who he/she says they are or aren't.

Maybe as far as businesses that's why they are set up a little differently than that of our personal pages... and the fees we've been hearing about from designers that they will have to pay for their posts to continue to show up on our feeds all the time.

I'm just glad that's not my job to have to figure out how to keep it safe and not make people mad at the same time and stop using it all together. I like my simple life. smiley

For anyone wondering how to make interest lists on Facebook, this is a great tutorial. It's really helpful to be able to look at a specific interest. I have DigiScrapping and TV shows (so I know when I new episode is out).

I wouldn't worry to much about the Facebook TOUs. They probably would only come after you if it turned out you were doing some bad/illegal.

The business pages are different from the people pages. I'm not sure how exactly, but you can have both.

Thank you!

Great Tips! Thanks ladies!

im looking into my mail filter as we speak. I learned the hard way about the intrests groups on facebook. i was oly getting a few things on my fb wall, and finally saw a designer talk about the intrests part. facebook really needs to have a way of letting people know these things lol

wow, so many great tips ... i should really put some of them into effect and soon.