Do you listen to music when you are designing or scrapping and if you do what inspires you ?

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Do you listen to music when you are designing or scrapping and if you do what inspires you ?

I love old blues and jazz and very often will have a cd in when I'm working at the computer....Billie Holiday, BB King, John Lee Hooker, Johnny Otis .... it goes right to my soul and my brain relaxes and stops it's wheels just for a little bit of time

I listen to music EVERY chance I get. I most always have some playing when I'm on my PC for whatever reason. Lol

Growing up in large families, my hubby and I both can appreciate the need for sound in a home. Music, people chattering, tv in background... But MUSIC is our favorite source of entertainment. We have a taste for pretty much everything... except the hard acid rock type stuff... guess we're getting too old for that. LoL

I usually scrap while the family is watching TV if it is when they are awake. If it is at night, I may either put a movie on netflix, or I will play music that I associate with what I am scrapping. For instance, I am working on a book about the trip we took to adopt my oldest. I play music that I listened to while we waited for her referral or Chinese music. This helps me draw out the memories a bit more and helps me with the journaling part of my book.

it's funny, when I'm working and designing on computer I like the jazz and blues but if I'm up in my she-cave working on mixed media I'd rather listen to the music of my teens ... Beatles, Presley, Mamas and Papas etc ... I can still sing along to those songs and remember every word. If I'm sitting reading I will play something soothing and musical without words ... Chopin or a serenity cd .... it just depends on what I'm doing.

Susan I love listening to jazz or some other mellow-y type music when I scrap or craft. It's energetic enough to keep me going, but doesn't distract me. I also like to hoard up my scrapping projects and work on them while watching tv.

Yes and no. Sometimes I really want to hear music, sometimes I turn music on and use my headphones because I am tired of listening to my husbands work calls and sometimes I just want quiet.

Im always listening to music on the computer. I usually use spotify or iHeart to find what Im in the mood for smiley

Yes Lisa!

I absolutely Love Spotify, iHeart and Pandora... Another favorite music APP is Shazam for when I'm out and hear a great song, I love tagging them so I find out who the artist is or don't forget to add the song to my collection. smiley

Wow thanks for showing me Shazam I always forget who the artists are when I go looking back.

You're MOST welcome. smiley

I do the same as Nancy. When everyone is awake I scrapbook and then sometimes stay up way to late and can't sleep then. It's hard to pull myself away from it.

Music is the main point of tension for me and Jordan in our shared office. I recently got a much nicer pair of headphones, so that has helped things a lot. Now Jordan just has to listen to me sing and hum along...

I listen to Pandora a lot, generally folk/rock and whatever else they decide to throw at me.

I can do either, sometimes I need something to listen to in the background, other times I just enjoy the quiet. One thing I can't do is have something on tv while I scrap, because I end up not scrapping, hehe.

@Marisa... my husband and I have our desks in the same room, too. Sharing a work/play space can definitely be challenging, especially when one of is working and the other is playing, hehe. smiley

My husband and I are big Country music fans. We usually have it playing on his computer when we are both at our computers. He loves to play some oldies too and we sit and sing along and then laugh at each other. He always tells me not to give up my day job because I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket if I needed to. We find it relaxing after a long day.

I usually listen to the local country station via the internet. It's really just background noise which I occasionally sing along with. I never really been a fan of dead silence - I even have to sleep with the tv or radio on.

Music is a big part of my life. I listen to almost every genre. I listen to music most when I am scrapping. Certain songs, melodies, or lyrics will inspire me to use certain colors or elements or almost like a light bulb going off will give me a new idea for a layout.

I love to listen to music just about any kind is ok, but I mainly listen to Country, Pop, and Christian just depends on my mood when I turn the radio, pandora, or even spotify. The last two tend to play according to my moods. LOL smiley

Absolutely. My laptop cooling desk also has speakers on it, so I can listen to music clearly while working...t sounds like a stereo, not the regular low sounds u get from laptop speakers.

yes, I´m coldplay obsessed!! but I would listen to soft rock type

I gotta have music to do just about anything! If I need to concentrate, I listen to instrumental music (smooth jazz, chill, etc.). If I'm just surfing, it's all about the singing! I have a ton of different smart playlists set up so that I can just pick one and let it run.

I love just about any music but rap. smiley


I'm always listening to music when I can. Mostly country, but I will pull out some classic rock, pop, and alternative. My only NO-NO is rap. Yuck.

I am addicted to music!!! Always looking for new bands... I need music while I work, it makes me concentrate a lot better!! I listen to everything!!
I generally put my playlist on shuffle, I love it when a song comes on that you love and forgot you had! I have been told my music selection is a bit over-whelming... smiley Sooo much music so little time... lol

yes, I do. i listen to The Piano Guys all the time.

Tammi, I'm addicted to music, too. I love finding new music and free (legally, of course) is even better! Have you ever used Noisetrade? I've gotten lots of great music over there, even from known musicians. iTunes comes out with a weekly freebie, too. Some excellent, some not so much. I've got about 30 or more smart playlists to keep stuff fresh.

Lurve my music!


I love Noisetrade. I found a music artist I really like, that I'd never heard of before, through them (Adrien Reju).

I love listening to music all the time (I'm glad to have Spotify). For me it's hard to concentrate on doing something on the computer when it's silent all around. It doesn't matter what kind of music it is, I guess that depends on the mood I'm in.

I used to listen to music more, now I find that it distracts me when I am trying to work and I end up on facebook or playing games rather than working.

I've got the Christmas music softly blaring in the background. It always makes the days/work go by faster. Speaking of that, when does everyone start listening to Christmas music? The music TV channel comes on Nov. 1, so that's when I start!

We have started to listen to music more to encourage less tv watching by the kids. Since my husband has his own online radio station, we mostly listen to that, which is classic country, or new country...but not the stuff you hear on the radio...

@Tiffany as for Christmas stuff, we start after Thanksgiving!

I like it quiet when I'm creating. No outside distractions just me and my work.