PSE 12 - Best way to make a scrapbook

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PSE 12 - Best way to make a scrapbook

Hello All,

I have recently started trying to digit scrapbook using photoshop Elements 12. I'm still learning the program, so I sometimes struggle, but I had a generic question:

I am working on a photobook as my son's baby book. In your opinion/experience, what is the best way to make a photobook? Create individual (one-side only) pages or use the "Create" function to make a photobook?

I started using a "Create" template, and just making changes. However, my file is so big (and I've only completed 5 pages), it is nearly impossible to open it and work on it already. I did notice that when you save the project, it saves a separate folder with individual pages. I have been able to open an individual page to work on, and it is much faster, but the page layouts are not available.

The thing I like about the "Create" photobook is that 1 "page" is actually set up like an open book so you can see what it would look like laying on the table, left AND right sides. I also REALLY like how you can make the pictures flow from the left page to the right page across the seam. Plus, it's all right there together and you can see the whole project and progress. However, I have hard time lining things up in this mode.

I've never printed a photobook, but can I just upload many individual pages in the order I want them?

PS: For some reason now when I open the whole project, I can't see the layouts menu, either. It is there, and I can click on it, but the box is empty. Anyone know what has happened? So frustrating :\

The project may be over taxing your memory and there is not enough to display everything. If you are able to you may want to try to divide the project.

As to printing, you can upload your jpg files to a printing service. Place them in the order to display. They print a whole book. This way you do not have to fuss with printing, the cost of ink, or the cost of paper.

When I scrapbook I establish a theme for the book. With all of the great kits here you can chose one for the book. Next chose from the great layout templates for your book. Now all you have to do is decide what pictures you want together, oposite each other, the template that best suits your desired look, tweak it, Select the elements from the kit to use, than save your work.

When deciding on a double page layout I try to use resources from the same kit to create something the compliments each other.

I don't have PSE12, but rather 9, so I don't even know if I have that option. My first guess is like Judy, that the file is just huge and taxing on the computer's memory.
I like using templates, and if I'm making a book, I just use the 12*24 sizes.

As I am working on a book I set my "blank" page as 24 wide by 12 tall and then pull in the 2 templates that I want into that blank page and work it together so that they are complimentary. Many times I will just pick 1 template, duplicate it and reverse it. Then I work on the whole double page so that everything lines up correctly. Once I am done with the layout and have saved it, I then flatten it and using the crop tool will make a 12x12 page on the left side, name and save it, then do the same on the right side. Then I know when I send it to the book making place (which ever service I choose) the pages will line up nicely, will be complimentary to each other and the book will have a more cohesive look. I am working with PSE10 on an ancient laptop, so if I have much more than that open it bogs the whole system down.

Great idea Nancy.

Photoshop does have the ability to display more than one working window at a time. This will also do the same. To be able to view both sides while working. Than when you save you will have smaller files. You won't have to crop the image and the advantage of saving the .psd is that you will be able to make corrections and or changes and save it again as a jpg for displaying on the web or to a photoalbum on your computer.

Note: If you try to edit the jpg and than save the file you may not have the same quality as the first save. Each time you save a jpg it tends to degrade a bit. It is for this reason that all editing or changes should be made to the .psd file and the jpg saved from the psd.