Storing information about Photoshop, PSE, Plus

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Storing information about Photoshop, PSE, Plus

Have you even thought about it. How do you store information about all those great finds, tutorials, assets, and resources?

Do you just bookmark them, place them in your favorites in hopes of remembering that you even found something and would like to reference it later?

Do you copy your information, information about how to do something, so that you can read and do what it says? I you copy is there a special software that you use?

For myself, I just found a great tutorial and would like to try it out while waiting in the doctors office. The problem is I do not have access to the internet, so how can I do the tutorial. I copy it to a program called OneNote. It is a part of MsOffice. Not many people use it, but I have found that it has become very invaluable to me. It files things just like a notebook binder that we used to use in school. There are tabs on the left for each notebook and tabs on the right for each page in the notebook. There are tabs on the top for each section in the notebook. So I created a notebook for tutorials. One for software information. One for personal information. One for the courses that I teach. One for correspondence that I want to keep.

I used to use MsWord, but found it to be too much. Even though I keep a really good file system I still have to go through a lot of files, wait for it to load, only to find that it was not the file I needed. With having many files my hard drive space started to shrink.

I than used Excel, great for storing links and quick information. But I got tired of having to format information. It was nice with the sheet tabs on the bottom. You could name each sheet.

So what are some of the things I store in reference to Photoshop, PSE, and scrapbooking? I created a notebook just for this. If I am able to copy a tutorial I do and automatically OneNote puts the URL of where the tutorial came from on the bottom. Nice I can just click on the link to go to the page. It is also nice I do not have to stay on line while working through the tutorial.

I store links with information about what I found. I do also bookmark these. But the advantage here is that I can see ahead of time and maybe find what I need from the list.

I store links to online video tutorials. The name of the video and information about the video. This is great I get back to the video when ever I want to view it. It is also nice when I am not able to view it right away.

It is great with the sticky threads that have been created here at PixelScrapper. I do reference it often.

So how do you keep track of all those bits of important finds.

Great idea to think about!

I use Evernote, which is free and available for Mac and PC. It syncs with your online account, so you can access things you've saved from both your computer, and from anywhere via the internet.

It's great because you can clip entire articles or parts of articles, tag them, organize them in folders, etc. It's great for keeping track of things that are too "wordy" for Pinterest.

Great thread. I use Springpad. It's like Evernote, for other idea based info, I use Pinterest.

I bookmark: I made folders in my browser so I can easily find what I'm looking for, like 'tutorials', 'psd resources', 'vector resources', 'decemberdownloads' smiley
And I use Pinterest too. Although that is way too addictive...

How fun is that! I've used OneNote (didn't know it was called this) for exactly this purpose, to store access info to some great websites that I can't pin to pinterest.

Wow, I thought I was the only one that used OneNote. It really keeps things organized. Love the tabs on top, on the right side and the left side. It is just like have a notebook with many different sections.

You gave me some ideas, storing information can sometimes be a problem for me.