March 2014 Kit Challenge: Week 3

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March 2014 Kit Challenge: Week 3

See here for intro details. You are free to interpret these prompts as you like, but I think it's time to move into elements!

March 15 - arrows
March 16 - frames
March 17 - words
March 18 - brackets
March 19 - ribbons
March 20 - tags
March 21 - scatters

Cool Marisa! This is my favorite challenge since I've been at PS!

Ut oh smiley If I add all these, can I still add extra things? I am asking because I am working on a kit, that I wanted with certain things in it, therefore these dont kinda cover what I was planning on adding? I can always just create the elements I want and keep them out I guess. Thanks in advance.

Here are my elements for week 3. I still have some other stuff I have created that I "think" you are going to put in next week. I'm hoping...haha.

I'm behind with week 2 and here is week 3 already. I get to get going on this. Definitely i will have to get it done when I come back from my mini vacation tomorrow.
@Karry I love your kit. So awesome!

@Karry your kit looks amazing, really love the elements as well.

@Maree: I hate to get in the way of people's creative ideas! Share with us what you're making anyway!

Here are my elements smiley totally having a blast making every

@Marisa Thank you. Seems my eyes were open but my brain wasnt engaged when I typed that message.
I can work all those things into what I am doing anyway.. Lets call it a blonde senior moment lol.

This kit is a challenge for me simply because of the prompts for creating it lol .... I'm an artist first and usually just go with my muse .... this is hard smiley

@Karry - Wow!! love, love your work! really cool! @Raye - your elements are really cool and unique and i love your colors! just beautiful girls!!

Reworking my kit will post final results in week 4 thread.

Here are my week 3 embellishments. I will post on my website as part of the full kit April 1!

I love this style smiley I admit, the darker papers and textures are not my strong point, but I love the way your kit is coming together smiley

I love that color blue and the wooden frame. Very nice smiley

@ Elizabeth - Thank you so much smiley I tried to keep the pieces that were a little different from every other kit out there in the world and edit out the rest, so I must have gotten it right!!

@ Amara - Thank you as well! I got my inspiration from 4 pieces of sea glass and a tiny piece of driftwood that are sitting on the base of my monitor. They all happened to match the Spring 2014 fashion colors, so I figured it was a Plus...I couldn't resist the driftwood frame.

@ Kerry - KILLING ME! just saying smiley

Raye...Next week...only a couple days left and it's all yours! haha

hi here are my previews of week 3 u can dl here
my blog addy.

i added bows i hope that is ok.

great elements around here,

Wonderful elements this week, lots of colour to welcome Spring ... here are my week 3 elements

My week 3 elements!

Week 3 Done! This is such an amazing experience. i have so much fun designing smiley I can't wait to see whole sets smiley

week 3 by Ania D. Archer, on Flickr

there are so many wonderful designs!
Kim, I love your colors!
Raye, your wooden frame is awesome!

Here is my week 3:

Here's my Week 3.