ISO: DragonBoat Competition Kits

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ISO: DragonBoat Competition Kits

Our newest member Denise Maier needs some help finding some kits ladies, Please see her request listed below. smiley

As well as some dragonboat ones. I am a member of a local DragonBoat competitive team. I have some great pictures that need scrapbooked ;)

For those of you that are curious I found this post on Wiki to give you more detail of the event she's looking to use it for. May even be a great kit for one of you lovely designers to give it a go if you need an idea for a new kit. smiley

Also did a quick search on pinterest right here for you ladies that like extra inspiration or need to see it to help her. smiley

I love dragonboats...never knew about them until I lived in Australia.

This will be hard... or she´ll have to opt for traditional "canoing" kit or, if she wants to highlight the dragon part she´ll need to look for CNY kits... Although CNY kits are really rare, fortunatelly this year some great ones were designed...